Friday, May 7, 2010

The Day The Music Died


All this time, from the day you decided to end everything, I always hoped and believed that one day, someday, you will change your mind and welcome me back in your arms.

All this time, I deluded myself in a fantasy that you will not let all those years we've been together to go to waste. That you will realize, after all this time, that you still love me.

All this time, I kept my hopes up that those time that you will see me, you will remember the days when we were happy. That you will remember that you once loved someone like me.

All this time, I loved you.

But today I finally understand. Today, finally, everything is clear.

When you said you no longer care. It pierced my heart so deep that the wound will not stop bleeding. The pain it cost was so unbearable that even I can not take it anymore.

I once said that the love I have for you is unconditional and will never fade. The love I have for you can bear everything and anything that you can throw at me. No matter what.

No matter what insult you hurled at me.
No matter what abused you deem fit for me.
No matter what humiliation you think I deserve.

I weathered them all.

Not because I think I deserve them.
Not because I think I should take them.
Not because I think that's what love is.
Not because I think they made you feel good.

But because I know, no matter what happens, no matter what you throw at me, it is all done out of love and concern.

But everything seems farce now.

For you no longer care.

And it kills me.

Every minute.

Every day.