Friday, September 28, 2007

Lovenotes #4


We've beent through a lot and I know there are still hurdles coming our way. But I know we can get pass them. Together.

Thank you for 11 months of love and trust. Thank you for all those 334 days that we shared together. And for the last 8016 hours that I will cherish for the rest of my life, thank you. And how can I forget spending 480960 minutes with you as we laughed, fight, cuddle, and love each other. All those times, never did I regret spending a second with you.

And now here we are. After 11 months, we're still here. Loving and fighting. But that what makes us stick together. The knowledge that the other is concern, even if it results in a quarrel. A day without words being exchange. Yes, I don't regret those. Because for me Bhe, those are the times that showed the real you. And how lucky I am to have you in my arms everyday. To feel your warm embrace. I love you.

11 months have passed and I have no plans of stopping nor slowing down. You asked me when I professed my love to you if this is the kind of relationship I wanted. My answer 11 months ago is the same until know. Yes! And I will never consider having anyone in my life except you. You complete me.

I know we are having problems. Even now, as I write this, I think about them. But that doesn't change the fact that I love you. Come hell or high waters, I will be here for you. I love you with all my heart. No one else comes close.

Happy monthsary.

I love you.

"Only a fool runs when a problem comes" - Anon

Lovesong #7

Faded memories of me and you
Mistakes you know I've made a few
I took some shots and fell from time to time
Baby, you were there to pull me through
We've been around the block a time or two
I'm gonna lay it on the line
Ask me how we've come this far
The answer's written in my eyes

Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight, dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' to
I'm all about lovin' you
I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've paid some dues, baby
We've been to hell and back again
Through it all you're always my best friend
For all the words I didn't say and all the things I didn't do
Tonight I'm gonna find a way

Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight, dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' to
I'm all about lovin' you
You can take this world away
You're everything I am
Just read the lines upon my face
I'm all about lovin' you

Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight, dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' to
I'm all about lovin' you
All about lovin' you

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I must thank HR for the message he/she posted in my CBOX "downtime is lovetime" because it gave me an idea on what to be posting today. I have been struggling to write a new post since last Monday but was not able to. Writer's block some may call it. Me? I don't know what or why.

My Bebhe's sickness and afterwards, mine, couldn't come in a better time. We have both been working too hard and even though we are living together, we barely have time for each other and even our sex life is suffering. But thanks to this blessing in disguised, all that was history! We were like newly weds all of a sudden. Cooking together, laughing at and with each other, even reading books together We were bonding and I'm not complaining! It has been months since something like this happened. And now I know better. Never again will I let work get too much of my time. My Bebhe's worth more than that. More than anything this world can offer me.

Yesterday was another lesson learned. I was reading this month's cosmo and an article struck me. Quality Time or better know as QT. It says that couples who cook together has a 50% more chance to last compared to those who don't. Thank goodness we both love to cook! So I guess are chances are higher than you guys huh? hehehe... Another part of the article said that watching TV is NOT considered as QT. But I beg to differ. Because on our case, we use that to discuss whatever we are watching. Which nowadays is either House MD or Avatar, the last air bender. Needless to say, we do try to make the most of the time we are together.

Lastly, we are now both officially engaged in a sport. But not physical sports. That's for the jocks like my Bebhe but not me. I'm a nerd. And since I'm a nerd, our sport is CHESS!!! I used to be a varsity player for this sport when I was still in highschool but I never owned my own chess set. So one day, when me and My Bebhe was strolling, we saw a set on sale. Without and hesitation we bought it. I had a hard time convincing my Bebhe to play with me but he gave in one time and now he's the one asking to play it. Am I a good teacher or what?

Another lame post. I guess I'm still suffering the "block". But to stop posting will mean I'm giving up. So I will continue to post more until I get my rhythym back.

"QT is time well spent" - Anon

Friday, September 14, 2007


Whew! It's only been a couple of days and it seems that I haven't been blogging for quite sometime. You see I needed to take care of something more important than blogging. Something even more important than my life. It was my Bebhe. Not that I don't take care of him but simply because, since late Monday, he was sick. He had a fever and experienced some muscle pain. To be honest, I almost panic when Tuesday night arrive and he still has a fever. I almost begged him not to go to work but knowing my Bebhe, begging won't do any good. So I just supported him and made sure that he had plenty of rest.

Wednesday come and the fever went down. I was sure that everything will be well but I was wrong. Come Wednesday evening, He was so sick that both of us was not able to go to work anymore. I just lay beside him, making sure that he is warm when cold creeps in. when morning arrive, I placed my palm against his forehead and smiled. No more fever. So after a long night, I finally dozed off.

We woke up around mid afternoon Thursday and had a blast together. We even had a pillow fight! Laughter can be heard from all four corners of our love room. For me, I was just glad everything was back to normal. We both decided to go to the office early so that we can catch up to the work that we missed the day before. We arrived in the office around 8PM and was off to a good start when, I guess, I reached my limit.

You see, all those days that my Bebhe was sick, I was beside him. Hugging and kissing him. So there is no arguement that this time will come. When it will be me who will be sick. What really suprised me is the timing. I guess my body knows that it can't be sick during that the time that my Bebhe was sick. Or maybe it was just pure coincidence. I can't remember willing myself not to be sick because my Bebhe needed me. All I know is nothing was running through my mind during those times other than the sight of my sick Bebhe in a fetal position. Well, whatever it is, I'm just quite thankful that we were not sick at the same time.

Sorry guys, downtime. Please bear with this lame post for now.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Love Notes #3


Wala lang, gusto ko lang share sayo yung mga nabasa ko sa blog ng friends ko this week. Iba iba ang post nila pero iisa ang dumikit sa utak ko. "Spark"

Naalala mo nung nagsisimula pa lang tayo, naikwento ko syo na hindi ako talaga nanliligaw pero pagdating sayo, wala, iba ka kasi. Hehehe uuyyy kinikilig. Anyway high way, balik tayo sa "spark" na yan. Madami kasi akong nababasa na nakikipagdate tapos papatayin agad nila ung pag asa na pwendeng maging sila nung nakadate nila kasi "walang spark". Nakakainis di ba? I mean kailangan ba talaga ng "spark"? Tayo nga running 1 year na pero hindi tayo nag start sa spark spark na yan. Remember sabi mo hindi mo nga ako gusto back then kasi pasaway ako. (Well hangang ngayon naman pasaway parin ako hehehe) Isa lang patunay yan na wala talagang spark between us pero we made it work! Hay naku, naha-highblood ako hehehe. Relax. Relax Relax.

Sa palagay ko kasi, paminsan minsan, dapat marunong magisip sa labas ng kahon ang isang tao. Sabi nga ng kapitbahay nating si Plato eh dapat hindi tayo nagko-conform sa sinasabi ng society. Dapat paminsan minsan, susuway tayo sa agos. Kasi kung parati na lang nating gagawin ang sinasabi ng iba, aba eh maging robot na lang tayong lahat at baka lumabas pa si Will Smith at hanapin si Tom Cruise para simulan na ang War of the Worlds hehehe. Corny I know eh ano magagawa ko naha-highblood na ako. Ok back to the topic. Hindi ko naman sinasabi na hindi kailangan ng spark. I mean, most of the relationships that I know is dun nagsimula. Pero hindi lahat eh succesful. Kasi minsan ung sinasabi nilang "spark" eh libog lang talaga at pag nairaos na, wala na. Babu. Goodbye. See Ya. End of Story. Tingnan na lang nila ang nangyari sa akin. Nakaamin na relationship na ako bago pa maging tayo. Lima don based sa "spark" na yan pero ano nangyari? Wala! Ni hindi man lang tumagal ng 3 months! Ung isa nga 2 weeks lang eh. Pano nga libog lang talaga.

Hay naku weekend na at ayoko nang magesep esep. Tama na ang post at tayo ng umuwi. Miss ko na amoy mo at ang mga yakap mo. Hehehe ngayon pa lang naamoy na kita. Amoy pinipig! Hehehe. Love you!



I read my neighbor Engz's post about his moments and it inspired me to write a post about my moments with my Bebhe. I will try to keep it short and direct to the point so as not to bore my readers. I will enumerate probably 7 moments in our almost a year of relationship together. And I would like to start off with this...


Almost everybody who have read my blog knows about this, for this post, moment in our lives. And for the interest of those who doesn't knwo it yet, let me share to you what happened.

It was a weekend and as usual, we will be spending it together. But before we go home, I got a mesage from my Bebhe that he will be having lunch with a friend of his. I said ok. Afterwards, I planned of meeting Cox? while they have lunch so that I can meet the person behind the "brewing" comment. We met at Mcdonald's in Katipunan. And while enjoying a good conversation and a quick meal, something suprising happened. Yup you guessed it right! I turned around and lo and behold, I saw my Bebhe waving at me. I was shock and was not able to move in my sit. I think I turned red but none of that matters now. I mean, I was there in Mcdonald's, not only did I not joined my Bebhe and his friend for lunch, I was having lunch with someone he don't know! Aarrgghhh!!! I mean it would have been fine if I told my Bebhe what I will be doing but no, the idiot boy in me kick in and just throw cautions to the wind! I mean Cox? knew that I already have a Bebhe and that I love him and that our meet up will be just a friendly meet up. Honestly, I have no idea what happened inside my head that time but what I do know is that I hurt My Bebhe's feeling so much that even as I right this, it pains me deeply. How i wish I could turn back the time and asked his permission first before doing that meet up. Alas, we travel the path only once. And did I learned my lesson? Nah. I'm a stupid stubborn guy. But what I do know is that from then on, I can't afford to lose my Bebhe. My Bebhe is my life.


It happened after the last day of training for my company and my Bebhe was our trainer. He's not my Bebhe yet but I was, as my Bebhe would like to put it, stalking him. I would stay in the office even after work hours just to wait for him to finish what he is doing. Although we live in a different place (Me in Pasay, he lives in Katips) I would still stay and chat him up. Honestly, I can't remember why I did those things. I mean, even though I have no other things to do, going home early and resting would have been better than staying until late morning doing nothing but watching my Bebhe work. Ok back to my story. Last day of training, I asked him if he would have lunch with me. So we went to Jolibee in Insular Building in Makati to have our meal and a little chit chat. But since he is still uncomfortable with me plus he's a bit anti-social, I did all the talking. And right in the middle of the conversation, I informed him that I have a secret. A secret that I keep from the rest of the world. He leaned closer. "I'm Batman" and with that, I saw him laugh for the first time. It was so beautiful that I just sat there, mouth agape, amazed at what I was seeing. I was kicked back into reality when I heard him asking me if I was ok. I guess it was my mistake to give a short lull in the conversation because he told me that we should go. But before we left stood, I asked him one last question.

"Do you like me?"
"That's a good question."

Then we left and part ways. The question was never answered until now. Everytime I asked him what was his answered back then, he will just smile and kiss me. Come to think of it, I should ask him more often hehehe

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Patalastas - Threesome

It was Monday (June 2007) and the weekend is not looking good for me and My Bebhe when I received a call from home. It was my Mom asking for my assistance to pick up my brother who manage to get himself drunk and was not able to go home. So from QC, I went to Sucat to pick him up, bring him to Pasay where he has an apartment, and then back to our apartment and try to salvage whatever is left of my weekend when I received an unexpected message.

"Plan's change. We're on!"

Caught by suprise, I immediately called my Bebhe and informed him that I will be doing the meet up that was cancelled after all. No reply. Great! But I went ahead and meet my comrades anyway. Now these two that I will be meeting are not any ordinary people! They help shape my blog and are instrumental in the creation of my alter ego Dark Knight. Without them, there is no Dark Knight!

Let me describe them to you. The first one is Macoy. I have met him before but it was more like an introduction. Today will be the first time that a real conversation may take place. One thing that will strike you about him is his height. He's tall! Probably 6'1 or more. As if the height is not enough, he has a killer smile and a tongue trick that can knock anyone off their feet. And like any great deals, there's more! He's smart, down to earth, and rich. I know I'm not describing a saint but what can I do, these is how I perceive my comrade in arms.

Second is one of the first people in the blogosphere that I have corresponded with. Back when I still don't have a blog. Back when there was just JMFREAK. Back when nobody gives a damn about my existence. This guy reached out and befriended me. Yup you got it right! It's Hugh. This will be the first time that I will be meeting him in person. And thinking about the comments from people that have met Hugh, I got all worked up. They say that he is good looking. The next one says he's articulate. Everywhere I turn I here only good things about him. I was nervous as well as excited.

I arrived at Gateway around 7pm when the meet up will not be until around 9pm. Not that excited huh? Well Macoy is already there and I planned to rendevous with him first before we meet Hugh. And since this is the second time we saw each other, the atmosphere is lighter and we chatted in GJ while waiting for Hugh. We broach every topic that we can think off while drinking our coffee that Macoy paid for when Hugh arrived. Forgive my sustagen-deficient brain because I can't remember whatever we discussed nor what they were wearing. All I know is that Hugh lived up to what people says about him and more! I think I said that if I will be the one to rate him, 1 - 10 where 10 is highest, I will give him a 12. "I think" because I can't remember.

The night was long and our topic changed from one thing to the next. It was a joy to finally be able to converse with these people that I idolize. I was even given the opportunity to see the people behind the blog. The real Macoy and the real Hugh. I can go on and on about these two great figures that I finally met but I would like to end it here. For now.

"Far more valuable than riches or fame are gained when you found a friend" - Anon

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Weekend Blues

I make it a point that every weekend is a special day for me and my Bebhe. It is the only day of the week that I have him for myself. But last weekend was a bit different. And for the first time in 10 months, we had our very first argument. Usually, if i see an argument on its way, I will fold and concede not because my Bebhe is right or I was right, but because I believed that a couple should never have an arguement if it can be avoided. One should not be angry when the other one already is. No good thing will come out of that. But I guess everything has its limit. Even patience.

I have no idea how it started but for some apparent reason, everytime, and I mean everytime, that we are in public, we tend to get into an arguement. May it be petty things or about me. Usually, it's about me. Normally, I would just remain quiet until we get home and console him with a hug and a kiss. Sometime with a box of KFC. Well that's what I do to quench the fire.

Everything started Sunday. I was required to report for work on a weekend. I would normally decline the meeting but since this will boost our financial front, I reluctantly agreed. My Bebhe decided to met with his mom a the same time instead of being bored in the apartment alone. I was supposed to be back home around noon but by some twist of faith, I was not able to go home until 3pm. Between 12nn - 3pm, I continously send my Bebhe messages to know where he is or what he is doing as well as inform him of the situation. The reply I got was not exactly my kind of soup. After reading his last message, I felt a stabbing pain and emotions started to build in. I lost my focus almost ruined my report. I decided to confront my Bebhe about it when I get home which never happened because I was so tired that I dozed off right away when my back hit our bed. I was awaken by the doorbell around late afternoon. My Bebhe's home. Since I alraedy ran out of Sustagen and already got my well deserved rest, I forgot about the messages and just cuddle my Bebhe as we both retire for the day.

Monday. We woke up around 3am and cooked breakfast. Everything was back to normal again. Time passed and it was around 10am when we decided to go to Megamall for our usual weekend stroll. Everything was going smoothly when it happened. And like a switch, it brought back what happened Sunday. When my Bebhe continued the arguement, I was not able to control myself anymore that I raised my voice and asked him why does he need to do it in public. I guess it suprised him that I even spoke more than me arguing in public. He started to apologize. I was not angry or anything. I just want to make a point. And I guess I did.

Come midnight, we were cuddling each other while lying side by side naked in our love room talking about a lot of things. I even mentioned being called "Under" by a couple of nice guys out there. We just laughed it off. I'm not offended of being called names or even admitting that I am "Under" because I am. But I can't stop smilling knowing who the man of the house really is.

"Anger does not mean absence of Love" - Anon