Monday, July 30, 2007

I Made My Bebhe Cry!!!

It was 15 days to Christmas and 1 week to my birthday. Sticking true to my traditions, I have made arrangements for a day of seclusion come my birthday. To reflect on what happened this year and what will be my prospectives and goals for the coming year. I know people normally do it during new years, but I do mine on my birthday.

I spoke to my Bebhe about this. And being the understanding and loving person my Bebhe is, he gave his consent but with some reservations. I explained that this has been my tradition since I was 10. I never liked parties and celebrations mainly because back then, we can't afford it. My Bebhe kissed me affectionately and gave me a warm hug. I noticed that my Bebhe is beginning to be teary eyed to I kissed him back. We spent that night cuddling each other silently as we contemplate what the futurehas in store for us.

The day before my birthday, I spent the entire day with my Bebhe. Making sure that I will have plenty of memories before we part. We have laid out a plan the day before that but I decided against it afterwards. I just asked my Bebhe if it's fine with him that we just rent some DVDs and stay indoors for the day. I would love to have my Bebhe for myself that day. My Bebhe smiled and kissed me. We grab the keys and went to the nearest Video City to rent out some movies. When we arrived back at his place, we went straight to bed and rested for a while. When I heard that both our tummies are grumbling, I stood up and went to the kitchen. My action suprised my Bebhe. I forgot that before this day, I have never cooked for my Bebhe and we've been together for almost two months! When my Bebhe followed me to the kithcen, I pushed him back to the nearest chair and told him to just watch and let the handsome chef do the rest. Although my Bebhe trusts that I know what was doing, he just can't help but glance every now and again to see what I was doing. I just returned my Bebhe's gazes with a warm and reassuring smiles.

When I finished cooking, I saw my Bebhe already enjoying one of the film that we rented. I just prepared the food and brought it to him. It was the best pre-birthday celebration I ever had! We laughed and enjoyed each others company for the entire day. When we got tired, we rested. When we're hungry, we ate. It's just like leaving in our own little world.

When the time came for us to rest, we cuddled each other infront of the TV again and just savor the moment together. Right there and then, I made a decision. "I no longer need to be alone tommorow." I said. "I already made my contemplations and my plans". My Bebhe asked me "So care to tell me what you have decided on?" I replied "I know for a fact, that this year, year 2006, you are the best thing that happened to me..." My Bebhe turned away before I was able to finish my speech. I approached him and saw him crying. I hugged him and kissed him ever so gently. "I don't need any plans for next year. Because as long as you are with me, I know I can get through everything." And with that, the tears my Bebhe was trying to fight flowed freely.

"Utterance without feelings are nothing" - Anon

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