Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Message, A Code, and A word

We’ve been seeing each other for more than a month now. But still, we both don’t want to confront the “status” of our relationship or whatever you want to call it. What we both know is that we’re enjoying the company of one another.

My visits to my Bebhe’s place became more frequent as well as the nights that I sleep over. Before, I will only go to my Bebhe’s place during the weekends. Now, I will go there after my Friday shift (Saturday morning) and will not leave until Monday night (before my Monday shift) just to return Wednesday morning, right after my Tuesday

My desire to see my Bebhe seems to be radiating because in every aspect of my life, may it be in my work or in my place, everybody seems to notice it. The only downside in seeing my Bebhe more was not being able to go back to my parents place every weekend. All of this was happening around me but I was not paying any real attention. My focus was only to spend as much time as I can with my Bebhe.

It was not early December. That means that I will be a year older soon. The exchange of sweet notes between us was at its peak. Even at work, since back then, we were in the same account but under different department and location, we utilized the company’s email and instant messaging to our heart’s content. I remembered one specific instance of our exchange in instant messaging. It was special for me because that was when my Bebhe gave me a pet name. My joy was overflowing! Here’s the exchange of words as I remember it…

Me: So what are you doing now?
Bebhe: Working.
Me: Owwss…
Bebhe: I am!
Me: I don’t believe you
Me: :p
Me: You still there?
(at least 5 minutes passed before My Bebhe replied again.)
Bebhe: I just did something
Me: I thought you were mad at me :(
Bebhe: I would never be.
Me: Ever?
Bebhe: Ever.
Me: I miss you
Bebhe: I miss you too.
Bebhe: You going to my dorm after shift?
Me: I don’t know yet.
Bebhe: ok…
Me: (Changing the topic) I bet I know what you are doing right now.
Bebhe: Oowwss… Ok guess.
Me: You’re talking to someone in the phone.
Bebhe: How did you know!
Me:Because I’m a ghost!
Bebhe: Don’t! You know I’m scared of ghost..
Me: Sorry but that’s how I knew it. I’m a ghost!
Bebhe: Whatever.
Me: You don’t believe me?
Bebhe: I do. You’re casper, the friendly ghost.
Me: Hahaha…

So that was how the conversation went. For many, this will be just another “usual” conversation between two lovers. But this time, I know, I know it’s something different. Something special. For me, it's magical.

"Simple yet extraordinary" - Anon


Chris Cafuir said...

Grabe na to.

I'm sure you relate all the songs you hear to your love story hahahaha.

I'm happy for you.

DK said...

Friendship uu naman! Kahit Rap at Hiphop song Bebhe ko pa rin nasa isip ko hehehe

ice_codey said...

this is really sweet.. as i read all ur blogs... it gets sweetier and sweetier... baka lamgamin nako nito.... hehehehe