Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Call and A Song

It's Monday and of course, the work seems to be coming from everywhere! I started working at 9pm but I just can't seem to complete my deliverables for the day. At around Midnight, I paused for a while. I checked my calendar and smiled. Time does fly.

As my mind drifted and reminisce the days and months that have passed. Definitely, there are things that I could have done better and there are a lot that I should have done at all. But then again, those kind of things are the spice of life. Keeps it from being boring. I'm not saying this to justify what already transpired. It's just a statement of fact. And I do look forward with hope.

And as my mind continued to float through time, I remembered the "Mcdo" incident as well as the "Transformers". Not that the people involved caused problems in our relationships. That is just to shallow. But it was my actions and decisions before those events that affected and mared my relationship with my Bebhe. But of course, these things are now history but definitely be a part of our lives. It is where we will get out lessons and experience.

Remembering all of these made me realize how much I love my Bebhe. How much I cherish every moment, every second that I am with him. How much I look forward to every end of the day when I get to go home with my Bebhe to our love nest. How much joy I feel everytime I open my eyes and see my Bebhe sleeping beside me.

My reminiscing was interupted a little before 1AM. Another sustagen moment! I haven't talked to my Bebhe yet! I picked up the phone and dial the number. As it rang, I thought of how much I love my Bebhe. When he answered the phone, I couldn't stop myself from singing...

I just call, to say, I love you
I just call, to say how much I care
I just call, to say, I love you
And I mean from the bottom of my heart

"Happy 10th monthsary my Bebhe" - TL


Anonymous said...

i just call to say I love you , kakakilig naman yan.
Happy monthsarry sisterhood

Turismoboi said...

happy annie

TL said...

Salamat mga sisterhood :-*