Friday, August 10, 2007

It Begins Today

Today, I decided to no longer regale you guys with the tale of how the two of us met and what happened in the past. Of course you must forgive me if I will be mentioning an event or two that happened before. Its just me.

My decision came after reading Jessica Zafra's "Womanagerie". I tell you guys, it's a quite a book! But enough of that. I will not be able to do justice to her book this way. I will make an entire post dedicated to her soon. For now, something in the present about me and my Bebhe...

We're currently encoutering some domestic issues (i.e. money). Not that it's something that will come between our relationship. We already agreed before we began our relationship that we will never fight about it. It's just paper. I can earn it as well as he does. There's no point in arguing about it. Our problem is about budgeting. We can't seem to have any savings from our monthly incomes. For some unknown reasons, we always run out of cash before the next pay day comes. And in our company, if that happens, you're in for a long wait! We get our paychecks only once a month. Luckily, we're able to survive. But surviving alone is not enough for both of us. We want something more. We want to have something stashed for emergency purposes. Or maybe to buy a furniture or two. But that oh seem simple goal tends to elude us for now. But I am confident that we will be able to get pass this obstacle soon.

I am also proud to say that our relationship is maturing. My reason for saying this happened a month ago. There's this new guy in my Bebhe's department. For some reason that escapes my futile mind, he has a crush on this kid. Yes! A kid! Anyway, I was so proud of my Bebhe because he has enough courage to tell me what he feels toward this person. This means that he trust me enough to tell me something intimate. I of course told him that it's a not a big deal. I mean it's only a crush right? What kind of damage could it bring to our stabel relationship? Nothing! Nada! Kaput!

Lastly, My Bebhe is no longer jealous of me sending txt messages to my blog family. This is one of those reasons why I love my Bebhe so much! He's so understanding! I love him! And not only does he understands me, he loves me and trust me so much. this is something big considering the "Mcdo" and "Transformer" incident a while back. for those who is not familiar with those incidents, I will repost them soon. (Lucky for you guys my Bebhe saved a copy in his TP)

"Trust, above all, is needed for relationship to mature" - Anon


gripenmanila said...

I'm glad that you and you're partner are getting along together. IMO though. Financial matters should actually be faced upfront as a couple rather than avoid it. and say "Pera lang yan".
Kung yung sa straight relationships nga eh,malaking issues yan sa PLU pa kya?

One of the greatest financial mistakes of Filipino is placing money and emotions together....a lethal mix with disastrous results. If two of you would like to go along way with your relationship. I suggest for you to talk about your financial plan as a couple and stick it....

I suggest you read this,to understand where I'm coming from..

With hug and kisses and wishes for world peace


theTripper said...

tama ka diyan gripen. hehehe

DK said...

Maraming salamat Kapatid. Binasa ko ang binigay mo. Ipapadala ko ito sa aking minamahal mayamaya

Kamahalaan salamat sa paglalagay ng iyong puna o pagsang ayon. Ito ay isang malaking bagay para sa akin.

Chris Cafuir said...

its really hard to budget, but you still have to do it so that you have money for emergencies. such as if there is a sale, hahahahahaha

DK said...

Sisterhood Chris plangak ka dyan! Shoot sa banga! hehehhe