Friday, August 3, 2007

The Phrase

It was the day after my birthday. I didn't went to work nor did my Bebhe last night and spent it making love. Since we slept late the night before, we woke up past ten in the morning. Feeling refreshed, I got up and took a bath. While showering, I heard my Bebhe stir. What happened that night flashed back to my memory. I made my decision.

After my quick bath, it was my Bebhe's turn. As he showers, I went to the kitchen and looked for something to cook. I found some noddles and sauce. I will be cooking my specialty that day. Italian Spaghetti. I want this day and meal to be very memorable for me and my Bebhe. So as soon as my Bebhe went out of the showers, I grabbed him and kissed him passionately. He asked me half laughing "What's with you?" "Nothing" I replied smiling and went back to cooking. I felt his hands wrap around my waist as he kiss me in my nape. I turned and kissed him again. I pushed him softly and told him to prepare the table for lunch. He obliged.

After our little lunch, I got nothing but praise from my bebhe. Although I know he's bias, I was still giggling like a little girl. So to hide my already red face, I started to clean the table. My Bebhe stood up too and assisted me. After we have cleaned the dishes, we went back to bed and watched some TV. I know time is not the essence but I can't seem to get the courage I need to say what I want to say. I ended up just looking at him admiringly. He noticed it and gave me a kiss. I don't know why I was so scared of saying it when I am sure more than anything in the world about it. So time passed without progress while we continue to watch some TV programs. When I finally got the courage I need, I turned as saw my Bebhe already dozing off. I smiled and hugged my Bebhe and whispered to his ears how much I need him in my life. After that, I dozed off too.

I woke up when I felt something cold against my skin. I opened my eyes and saw my Bebhe kissing me. I kissed him back.

[Insert Bed Scene]

After that, we lay there for a while. Then a feeling so intense came over me. I just hugged my Bebhe real tight, kissed him passionately and said it.

Teary eyed, my Bebhe returned my kiss and whispered to me "I love you too".

"What's important is the journey, not the destination" - Anon


ice_codey said...

oh my gulay!!! that is so sweet... haaaiiiiiiii.....

Anonymous said...

ganda pwd puh b mlaman elmailAdd u or multiply acct. tnx

Anonymous said...

ganda ng story nyo ng bebhe m

Anonymous said...

ganda ng story nyo ng bebhe m