Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Weekend Blues

I make it a point that every weekend is a special day for me and my Bebhe. It is the only day of the week that I have him for myself. But last weekend was a bit different. And for the first time in 10 months, we had our very first argument. Usually, if i see an argument on its way, I will fold and concede not because my Bebhe is right or I was right, but because I believed that a couple should never have an arguement if it can be avoided. One should not be angry when the other one already is. No good thing will come out of that. But I guess everything has its limit. Even patience.

I have no idea how it started but for some apparent reason, everytime, and I mean everytime, that we are in public, we tend to get into an arguement. May it be petty things or about me. Usually, it's about me. Normally, I would just remain quiet until we get home and console him with a hug and a kiss. Sometime with a box of KFC. Well that's what I do to quench the fire.

Everything started Sunday. I was required to report for work on a weekend. I would normally decline the meeting but since this will boost our financial front, I reluctantly agreed. My Bebhe decided to met with his mom a the same time instead of being bored in the apartment alone. I was supposed to be back home around noon but by some twist of faith, I was not able to go home until 3pm. Between 12nn - 3pm, I continously send my Bebhe messages to know where he is or what he is doing as well as inform him of the situation. The reply I got was not exactly my kind of soup. After reading his last message, I felt a stabbing pain and emotions started to build in. I lost my focus almost ruined my report. I decided to confront my Bebhe about it when I get home which never happened because I was so tired that I dozed off right away when my back hit our bed. I was awaken by the doorbell around late afternoon. My Bebhe's home. Since I alraedy ran out of Sustagen and already got my well deserved rest, I forgot about the messages and just cuddle my Bebhe as we both retire for the day.

Monday. We woke up around 3am and cooked breakfast. Everything was back to normal again. Time passed and it was around 10am when we decided to go to Megamall for our usual weekend stroll. Everything was going smoothly when it happened. And like a switch, it brought back what happened Sunday. When my Bebhe continued the arguement, I was not able to control myself anymore that I raised my voice and asked him why does he need to do it in public. I guess it suprised him that I even spoke more than me arguing in public. He started to apologize. I was not angry or anything. I just want to make a point. And I guess I did.

Come midnight, we were cuddling each other while lying side by side naked in our love room talking about a lot of things. I even mentioned being called "Under" by a couple of nice guys out there. We just laughed it off. I'm not offended of being called names or even admitting that I am "Under" because I am. But I can't stop smilling knowing who the man of the house really is.

"Anger does not mean absence of Love" - Anon


Anonymous said...

what a lovely weekend :)

-- kaikai

TL said...

Thanks sisterhood. I bet you had one too :)

Anonymous said...

ang sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet nyo naman....hihihihi

TL said...

@blogadikted tenk you pow :)