Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mike, The Magnet

You’ve read from my previous post that I was looking for the next step in my relationship with MB. I say was because I got my answer not more than a month ago. We, actually MB, invited a friend to visit our place. Visit the Love Room. And for the first time since we’ve been together, we will be having a guest as a couple. Normally, he would dismiss the idea every time I will bring it up. But that day was different! It was MB who suggested that we invite a friend to come over and have lunch! Shock as I was, I quickly regained my composure and agreed before MB changes his mind. And so we prepared for the visit of my “Friendship”.

It was back in the days of The Dark Knight when I met him. And his blog was not yet named as it is known now. And by means of exchanging messages and comments, our relationship grew deeper and bonds were formed. So deep was the bond I felt that I took the risk and started calling him “Friendship”, a name I still use until today. And what a true friend he has become. For he redefines the meaning of friendship and continuously take it to next level! And now I can say with confidence that my Friendship is indeed a diamond among the sand. A rare find that I will cherish until the end of my days.

So who is this “Friendship” that I’m talking about? I’m sure you already know for he is the friend that is close to everyone’s heart. Yes you guessed it right. The man who used to be called as Mink, the Twink before he was known as the Arabian Phoenix and now has found an identity as the Arabian Paladin. Yes it’s the guy we know as Mink. But for me, he is no longer Mink or the Arabian Paladin. For me, he is Mike, one of my dearest friends.

But apart from all his accomplishments and contributions to my life, the best thing that I will remember about Mike is this: Magnet. Magnet for he was the reason why I was able to meet the other bloggers that I can only dream to meet. For example, I never imagined in my lifetime that I will be able to meet Davenport if Mike would have not come home. Nor will I be able to meet the people who influenced my decisions and helped crafted the Dark Room at the same time. Again, it was a dream come true thanks to Mike.

Another thing about Mike that I really love is how he managed to break down the walls and barriers between different circles. You and I both know that each people have a certain circle of friends. And it is the same here in blogosphere. But thanks to Mike, he was able to combine all that and form one big circle. That’s the power only the Arabian Paladin has.

I am sure there will be more posts written about my friend Mike so for now I will skip some details and go on with my story. You see not only did Mike become my friend; he also became a friend to MB. And ever the loving MB, he accepted Mike not only in our Love Room with all the warmth and hospitality a person can offer, but also in our hearts and in our lives. I will never forget how Mike brought brightness and liveliness back in our dull and lipid place. How he manage to make MB glow with every story he shares. Or even how he reached out to us made us a part of his life.

To Mike:

You’re one of a kind. You’re my Arabian Diamond. And I thank you for sharing, bonding, and loving me as a friend should. I just hope I was able to give even half of what you have given me. I am glad that you are the first friend we have as a couple. You already have a special place in our hearts. And I can’t wait for the next year to arrive. For with the new year comes the hope of seeing you again Friendship. I miss you so much. We both do. See you soon.

To MB:

I love you so much Bhe. I cherish everyday and every moment with you. Thank you for letting me enjoy the company of friends and for being so understanding and caring. I love you with all my heart.

P.S. Don’t worry, when Mike comes back he will cook pineappled chicken again for us.


Mugen said...

Ahh so si Magnetboy pala ang unang nakadalawa sa inyo? Hehe.

He will be missed.

TL said...

Kapatid salamat sa comment! I agree, he will definitely be missed.

justmike said...

uyy sweet ng friendship.

_davenport_ said...

kupal.. so mink can actually cook ha ha.. that's new..

Turismoboi said...

he will be missed

Carl said...

pininyahang manok = pineappleD chicken? hehehe. how creative, lolz.

THE GRIPEN said...

Yeah I have same things to say,hadn't he came home we could be that close together.....we have fun times when he was around...he truly be miissed

Anonymous said...

i hate my sched, di ko man lang tuloy na meeet kuya mink :(
==> kaikai

mink said...

Dear John,
This is really a heart warming post, a million thanks John.
It has been a great honor and privilege to be the first one to visit your love room. You have touched my life in a very significant and special way. I will always remember all the good times together with your BEBHE. I cherish you both and will forever be etched inside my heart. I Love and miss you both and See you soon.

I Miss you too po...

Ahemmm, hehe

Gusto mo ipagluto din kita?

I miss your text...

yun nga yun

Dont worry friendship may next year pa, mwah from saudi...

Asan ka two months ago???

This is Mike, the magnetboy!!!

love y'all

TL said...

Oh hindi na ako sasagot sa mga comments at si magnetboy na ang sumasagot eh hehehe