Friday, March 28, 2008

Something for the Road

To be honest, I don’t know how to start his post. I want it to be mushy and something that will touch the heart of the person that I intended it for. But sadly, my words are failing me. I can’t seem to compose a decent group of words that can be readable enough and at the same time, touching enough, so that it can be looked at as something special. But then again, I’m at a loss for words.

For now, I would like to apologize to whoever is reading this, for what you are reading is just a babbling of a restless mind being racked continuously to oblivion. But nevertheless, let me trudge on and tell you the things that are in the juices of my so-called “brain”.

I started blogging more than a year now. I think it was way back in February of 2007 when I first created my first post. Of course, like everyone else, I was craving for people’s attention and for them to visit my blog. And in my desire for this to happen, I visited other people’s blog. And during this “visitations” an unlikely bond was formed. Something that’s so rare in the real world that it is so hard to believe that it can happen in cyberspace. What I’m talking about here is the bond called “Friendship”. And not just any kind of friendship for that matter because what I was able to find is the truest form of friendship.

Let me enlighten you about what my take is on friendship. For me there are 5 different kinds of “friends” or more rightly put, levels of friendship:

Level 1: Acquaintances
Here fall all the people I got to chat with online, as well as all the people who asked for advices and shared opinions with. Sometimes, neighbors fall in this level too.

Level 2: Officemates
Since I spend more time in the office than I spend anywhere else, it’s just normal that I’m more attached to my colleagues than my neighbors and the people I talked to online. People who I chat with everyday though I haven’t seen yet falls in this level as well.

Level 3: Friends
Here falls all the bloggers that I share interest with and are in my list as well as those few officemates that I get to know a little better than others. These people normally gets 50% of their favors granted. Most of my exs falls in this level.

Level 4: Special Friends
My “barkada” as well as “kababata” falls in this level. “Barkada” means the special bloggers that I almost have a regular meetings with. “Kababata” or childhood friends are self explanatory. These people gets around 80% of their favors and are the people who I’m with when it comes to “having fun”. My EX falls in this level.

Level : A FRIEND
There are a very limited number of people who actually reached this level. Actually, there are no more than five who did. These people knows the real me. My pain and my fears. These are the people that I can bare everything to and still be accepted and be loved. And there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for the people on this list.

Now why do I go into great length just to explain my non-sense, self-serving, conceited, and blasphemous view of friendship? Because someone just made it to level 5! And there is no regret whatsoever from my end for letting this person into my life. For now I know, someone will catch me when I fall. Someone will be running with me when the time comes. Someone will be sitting with me inside a jail and laughing out the mischief we did. Someone will be there to tell me that I’m wrong but will still back me up no matter what. Someone who will be there no matter what.

To you Friendship, thank you.

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maraming salamat!


sabi nga ni Mariah Carey

"just call my name... and ill be there..."