Thursday, April 3, 2008


I have a lot of drafts but I don't think I will be able to post them soon since I can't seem to finish anything with themes on it. So here I am, writing another stupid post about nothing at all.

People are still asking about my relationship with MB. I guess I left it hanging and was not able to explain what happened between the two of us. For all those who are asked, thank you! but no need to worry about us anymore. My relationship with MB is stronger than ever. What happened between us is just what one should expect once you are in a relationship living together. I've expected much worse so no need to worry about us.

Hmm what to write, what to write? I guess I could tell you about my conversation with a friend about relationships but that would be something that I'm reserving for dry days. So for now let me just tell you the story of what happened a week ago when I was asked by MB to find a place to stay for the night since a friend will need to sleep over. Its actually better than it sounds so don't go raising the alarm just yet. My plan was actually to have a drinking session with my friends but I cancelled it on the last minute because of somethings I will not discuss here. So to cut the story short, I spent the night at my office, in front of my PC, surfing, chatting, and watching whatever comes to mind. Yup even porn!

Now why did I brought up this story you ask. The friend who slept over needed a place to stay since she will be leaving for the province the following day. But the real reason was she needed someone to lean because she just found out that her boyfriend for 8 years, who left her a month ago, is currently dating his secretary! Yup his very own secretary! Isn't that such a TV/Movie cliche?

Before MB left our place to pick up his friend, he was worried that he wouldn't know what to say to comfort her since he is not a very emotional person. He could solve many things even under pressure but he's at a lost when it comes to emotions and relationships. I just smiled, kissed him, and told him that he just needs to be there for her. And being there, sometimes, means just that, being there. You don't need any fancy words but just be physically there. This somewhat gave him enough courage to push through.

Now that I'm typing this, I can't help but wonder. Will that happen to us as well? I mean, they lasted for 8 years while MB and me are just starting out. Sure they are different and but of course there are always what ifs but with trust and love I believe we can make it. And what do you know, I answered my own question! The answer is just that. Trust and Love. No one really knows what's going to happen tomorrow but with a little trust and a sprinkle of love, I believe that whatever tomorrow brings, my love for MB will just keep growing stronger. I can only hope that his love for me does too.

I just remembered something so let me finish this post with this:

"Enjoy what you have right now for you don't know if its still be there tomorrow. Now if you really don't like what you have right now, then no need to punish yourself. Just wait. for tomorrow is another day. Who knows what it may bring. So smile more, laugh a little louder, dance a little, sing one more song, and love a little better. And tomorrow, well let's leave it at that for now."  -  Anon


-:- Drama Queen -:- said...

Hey.. TL. I'm so happy that you guys are back together. :)

Ganyan lang talaga pag inlab. Minsan gusto mong mag give up kasi nasasaktan ka.. pero ang totoo sa kaibuturan ng iyong puso.. ayaw mo naman talaga.

Umeepal ako dito.. hahahahhahaha.

blackdarkheart said...

buti naman at wokei na kayo ni mb. gumaganda talaga ang samahan after ma weather ang storm.

it's nice to hear from you again!

Mugen said...

TL: First, I want you to know that this is not a crappy post. In fact, I think it answered some of the questions lingering in other people's mind.

Second, I have an idea why you have to sleepover that night. I was right all along. A girl friend of MB will sleep over his place and since you're not officially out to them, you have to move aside. Malaki ang tiwala sayo ni MB, he's willing to entrust you to us.

Third, Phanks and I are in our fifth year. Wala lang, mistakes have been committed, and sometimes I really wonder where our relationship would lead to. Pero you know what, hindi ko na masyado iniisip ang future. What's important is the present. If we will part ways someday, siguro ang mapapabaon ko na lang sa kanya eh yung support at love na binigay ko sa kanya. No pains, no regrets, no resentments.

That's how life figure its way sometimes.

Carl said...

maybe am not growing up, maybe it's growing old. hehe.

thanks for your help. that enlightened somehow. hay, relationships are tricky, but some are not that lucky enough to have one.

a tricky one or or nothing at all, it's our choice, i guess.

i admire your strength. reading your post somehow gives me a kind of push.

theTripper said...

that's more like it. it's very difficult to plan for the future because realistically we don't have any control with it. live today and make the most out of it. it's the only way to be happy.

now this crossed my mind... can you be happy with something u have not even experienced, i mean realistically?

Varvaruh said...

shoray shoray, teh!! awardan kita! hihi

TL said...

DQQQQQ!!!! Hahaha salamat sa pgepal d2 hahaha joke :) I agree sa sinabi mo 101%!

Blackhearted thanks po!

Kapatid thanks po sa papuri :) Uhm alam po nung friend nya na kami pero nahihiya lang magshare ng story nya with me there so I needed to be somewhere else. I'm happy for you and phanks! More power!

Carl thanks for your comments. I never knew I can push people with my words. I know yours can but not mine :)

Tripper thanks for the comment! To answer your question, I think I can be happy with something I haven't experienced yet. For example, drugs. I' very happy I haven't experienced it.

Manay!! I would like to thank famas and my family, wait wait, uhm, my family is the most important person in my life. I thank you!

theTripper said...

tl, realistically? i think it is imagined or learned happiness. ;)

TL said...

Ok so learned happiness is not realistically for you. Then I still think that I can be happy. A different example: I am looking forward to time I will be spending with MB. I'm happy for things to come! :)

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