Friday, July 20, 2007


Our first ever date! (Of course the breakfast in Jollibee does not count).

I'm a avid fan of Jed Madela. I support him in every way that I can like. I bought his CDs and went to his concerts. Of course supporting him will include going to his mall shows. So even if the most powerful storm (Milenyo) our country has endured last year stood against me, I still went and see his show in MoA. After the show, like all avid fans, I stood in line for his autograph. When my turn finally came, Jed was suprised to see me. "What are you doing here? You know you don't have to be in the line for my autograph! You can approach me anytime!" What a down to earth guy! To cut the long story short, he asked me to bring a friend along to his mall show the following day in SM Megamall. Of course I grab the opportunity.

That night, I spend so much time sending messages to my friend asking for a companion even though I already have someone in mind. I was shy to ask this person out. It was not fear of being turned down, but something different. When it was almost midnight and nobody has responded to my invitatioon, I finally gave up and sent this person a message. In less than five minutes, I got a companion!

Sunday, I was so nervous that I can't figure out what I will be wearing. Normally, I would just wear the first thing that my hands can grab from my closet. But this day is different. I wanted to make an impression. when I finally decided what clothes to wear, I was on my way to SM. I was admiring the poster of Jed when I received a message from this person. "I'm on my way but I will be late" reads the message. I replied that it was not a problem. When phone beep for the second time that day, I knew I will be in for something different. I went and meet with my companion. We chatted for a while before we went inside. I think my companion was suprised to see where or what we will be doing. But since we are already there, no complaints was heard.

As usual, Jed was more than anyone can expect. Stunning vocals and perfect pitch. After the show, I grab my companion so that we can fall in line for the autograph signing. My companion was a bit edgy about what we are about to do. Later I found out that it was the first time that my companion did that. After we got what I wanted, we went on our way and stroll around the big mall. I brought my companion to my favorite places. Odyssey was our first stop. I don't like listening to music but I prefer to be informed of what's hot and what's not. The next stop was Booksale. I love books and I like reading. Unfortunately, my companion is not into them as much as I expected, so we went on our way to my last favorite place. Powerbooks! Hehehe I know what you're going to say, "Books again?" But I didn't hear any complains from my companion. After that, we stroll some more and then decided that since it's getting late, we should decide if we are going to watch a movie or not. But of course I have a better idea. I pulled my companion again and off we went to Odyssey again. I told my companion that we should just buy a cd and watch it in my companion's place. "Up to you." my companion said. I saw "The Masseur" cd and took it to the counter to pay for it. Afterwards, we took a cab to go to my companion's place, which I later found out was in Quezon City. We watched the video (actually I watched alone since my companion decided to doze off)

After the film, I saw my companion soundly asleep. I took the empty space beside my companion and lay there. what happened next is something I will never blog.

"Alot of things happened tonight. Things worth remembering, thing worth forgetting. But there's one thing that will forever be etched in my memory. Today, I am complete." - Anon


theTripper said...

buti ka pa complete na, si piolo di pa. paano kasi umaasa siya na maging kumpleto by just taking centrum. harharhar

-=mink_blink=- said...

hayyy, sarap talaga mainlove...

DK said...

@Master Hahahah si Sam then hinde pa

@Friendship Masarap na mahirap na masakit na nakakapagod na masarap na masarap :)