Sunday, July 22, 2007

Open Season

The following Saturday after our first date, I asked my Bebhe out again. I just can fight the urge to see him again. At this point, I am not yet sure if I am inlove. I defintely like the person. But love? Maybe.

My budget for the date was only P500. Yup! I'm cheap. Since I'm from Pasay and my Bebhe's from Katipunan, we decided to meet halfway. Yup! SM Megamall again! After the usual strolling, and since we were just here last week, we ran out of things to do. Finally, my Bebhe asked me if I wanted to watch a movie. It's been a long time since I watched a movie. As earlier mentioned, I only have around 200 pesos left in my pocket after the dinner so I was a bit hesitant. I think he knew what was running through my mind and offered to pay for hte movie. The knight in me automatically rejected the idea. I am a Knight! I will not be treated like a girl! So I politely said no. So we decided to stroll for a couple more minutes. I was mulling over how to pay for the movie and how I will be able to go home when our feets landed in front of the cinema booth. My Bebhe went and pay for our tickets. When he came back, I think he read the puzzle look in my face and explained "My feet hurts, I want to rest. You can pay me back later". With that, I took the ticket and we went in.

The movie was a lot of laughs. It was a long time since I last laughed this much. I owe it to the person who forced me to watch the movie. I owe it to my Bebhe. While wathcing the film, I turned and watched my Bebhe laugh. My stress and tireness was washed away with every giggle and laugh I hear coming out from his mouth. For the first time after meeting my Bebhe, I considered the fact that I am falling in love. If I can remember it correctly, I think I tried to hold his hand inside the cinema. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember if he rejected it or not.

After the movie, we walked towards the taxi stand. As we walked, we talked about so many things. I want to know him more! So I fired away with a lot of questions. Luckily for me, my Bebhe answered them without any reservations. If found out about his eye problem and that he was not supposed to have anythign with caffeine. when we reached the stand, I felt like the time we had together was so short. I wanted to go home with him. I wanted to spend my night with him. But I fought the urge and let him take his ride back to Katips. As I was walking towards the overpass to ride the bus, I contemplated teh events that happened for the last two weeks. I keep going back to the memories of the time me and my Bebhe were together. I keep replaying the sound of my Bebhe's laugh inside the cinema on my mind. when I reached the Bus station, I asked myself a question. "Where is this going?"

I continued thinking inside the bus. The thoughts of getting in a relationship again scared the life out of me. I know I am not ready yet. But should I let my fears get in the way of my feelings? Of my happiness? Will I let this one get away because of my stupidity and cowardness to face the truth? That I am helplessly falling inlove!

When I got home and readied myself for bed, I made a decision. I will wait it out. See if my feelings for my Bebhe is really love or just fondness or infatuation. And since you're reading this blog now, I think you know now what my feelings were :)

"You are "In Love" when you no longer fear the unknown." - Anon


-=mink_blink=- said...

teka hindi ko nagets kung bakit open season title...

kilig moments itu!! hehe

DK said...

Hehehe Open Season Title nung movie :)

theTripper said...

ang korni naman. heheh joke. lahat naman ukol sa love korni, di ba?

buti ka pa 500 budget mo sa date. basta kami always KKB. hehehe

DK said...

Master lam mo naman na chivalry is like second nature to me dahil nga I consider myself as a Knight. Yan ang korni hehehe!!! :)