Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sleep Over

After the second date, I began asking my Bebhe out more often. Unfortunately, since our work do stress us a bit, there will be weekends when my offers will be declined. During this time, I devised a clever idea to see my Bebhe. "Since we can't go out and you want to rest, let's just stay in your place!" When my Bebhe agreed, I was overjoyed! I will be able to know my Bebhe more intimately! (No pun intended)

Normally, my stay in Katips wil last for only hours. I will get there around 7pm on a saturday and will go home around 10pm, sometimes until midnight. I don't want to stay longer or even do a sleep over since I don't want to give the impression that I am taking advantage of my Bebhe's kindness. So even when my Bebhe offered me a change of clothing since the clothes I was wearing was soaked in sweat, I refused. I just took of my shirt, and allowed it to dry. My trips to my Bebhe's place became more regular than what I expected. Instead of going there only during weekends, I went to his place even during weekdays. My day will not be complete without seeing him.

I saturday, I arrived around 10pm. And since it has been my habbit to leave by midnight, our chat will be cut short. I just rested for a while while we talked. when the time for me to leave came, My Bebhe asked me to stay and sleep over. Just for tonight. The Knight in me would wanted to say no but there's a much more stronger person now that took over. I said yes. We share the comfort of his bed again and sleep through the coldness of the night.

When I woke up the following morning, I was awaken by a very good smell. I opened my eyes to see where it was coming from. I saw my Bebhe cooking. I stood up to see what's on the stove. Instead of letting me help, he just pushed me back to bed and did all the serving. I was awed. Nobody did this to me before. Whatever reservations I had melted away. I was in heaven. When my Bebhe gave me the plate, I made sure that My hands touched his before taking the plate. I gave hima warm smile. He smile back.

After our breakfast, my plan was to leave and go back to my place. I changed my mind and decided to stay there until evening. I don't want to waste another minute away from my love one. So we decided to go to the nearest video city and rent some vids to the pass the time. I learned another thing about my Bebhe. He's into superhero films. My Bebhe never fails to suprise me.

When I left Katips that day, I know I have found someone special. Someone I can treasure and spend my life with. It's just a matter of overcoming the fear of going into a relationship with full of uncertainty again. Just so you know, the most affectionate words we used during this times were "I miss you". Both of us are afraid to use the word "Love" yet. For my part, I don't want to give my Bebhe falls hope until I am certain that I am ready.

"Don't say "I love you" when you don't mean it. You're just hurting yourself." - Anon


-=mink_blink=- said...

"Don't say "I love you" when you don't mean it. You're just hurting yourself." - Anon

like ko yun line na yan. me point ka. mahilig pa naman ako mambato ng 143...

DK said...

Kaya dapat bawas bawasan ang pambabato :)

theTripper said...

it took me three years before i uttered the three magic words. dont be in a hurry to mention or hear those words. the most important thing is that u felt it with each other. :)

DK said...

I couldn't say it any better Master :)

ice_codey said...

di ko na to kaya.... ang sweet.... huhuhu... corny na kung corny... kumakain naman ako ng mais.... hehehe