Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Keeping the Faith

What happened last week really bumped me in the head. Literally and figuratively. As many of you have read, I have answered a Meme from one of my dearest friend here in Blogosphere. Unfortunately, one of my answers was not very welcome at home. Yup! The story of the stupid sinking ship! Just like every good son, I chose my mother instead of my Bebhe. Why? Because I’m a person who answers questions truthfully. May it be hypothetical or not. All for the sake of Science! But as I said, the welcoming committee was not fond of my answers. Here’s what happened:

After I answered the meme and pestered my Bebhe into reading my blog (which of course he does everyday without my knowledge, hence the pestering) he finally read it. On our way home, it eluded me why my Bebhe was so silent during the cab ride. I guess I was so busy thinking about so many things. When we were walking the streets going to Gateway we talked about our ever looming problem about budgeting. And that’s when the headache started (forgive me for not mentioning what he said because it’s still giving me a headache). After hearing it, I started to recluse myself from talking to him for the rest of that day. My Bebhe, who was still mad about my answer, was just oblivious about my reaction. I, of course didn’t push the topic further knowing that it was my fault. Nonetheless, I kept my silence until we went home. He went straight to our bedroom and slammed the door. Instead of wooing him, I settled in one of the chairs and rested my head in the table. I was so tired and sleepy from work that I didn’t bother making amends. For the first time in 9 months, we didn’t sleep in the same bed. When I woke up, I have a nasty stiff neck; I was a bit mad with my Bebhe for not waking me up. I charged into the room to talk to him. But when I saw him awake, I backed out and returned to my chair. When I was about to rest my head again against the table, my Bebhe opened the doors and told me in a matter of fact tone that since I’m doing nothing, why don’t I just go and pay our bill. I just stared back and nodded. When I did, I hit the table in front of me giving me a bump and a headache. My Bebhe didn’t notice it so I just stood up holding my head and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. When I stood outside our place, it was drizzling. “Great!” I muttered. I hailed a jeepney and went to Cubao where I was planning to take the MRT to Ortigas. Before I reached Cubao, it started to rain like hell. I didn’t have an umbrella with me so when I alight in Cubao, it was impossible to go to the MRT station without being drenched. I decided to go to Shopwise first and buy a flimsy umbrella for P50. As I was walking along Emerald Ave, I decided to message my Bebhe. “It’s raining really hard. Are you OK? Be safe.” I was doing so in the pretense of reverse psychology. Fortunately, he replied. It was not actually what I was hoping to get but it was enough.

When I arrived home, the silence still lingers. And since he’s in the living room, I went straight to the bathroom to clean myself. When I came out, he’s still in the living room. So I decided to stretch in the bed for a while. I was tired so I dozed off. I was awaken by the sound of the door. I didn’t move though my ego is telling me to get out of the room. I pretended to be sleeping. He covered me with a blanket and kissed me in the ear. I appreciated the effort and went back to sleep. Around 7PM, he woke me to say he’s off to work. I just nodded but when I saw him leaving the room, I hastily shouted for him. He didn’t look back. So when he arrived home the following morning, silence was still there. When he asked me to buy food for him, I just took my wallet and went out. He tried to call my attention but I was mad about last night that I didn’t look back. While we were eating, I tried to start a conversation. It failed. When he went to bed, I remained in my chair and rest my head in the table yet again for another day. When I woke up, I’m covered in blanket. I smiled and went back to sleep. Alas, the silence is over.

“Love shatters even the thickest wall” - Anon


Anonymous said...

tila hihihna rin ang ulan, tila hihina rin ang bagyo, at ang araw ay sisikat ding muli.....

--- kai kai

ice_codey said...

well at least walang ma-pride sa inyo... the way you and ur bhe handle this kind of things was great.. even though both of u were not in good terms at that time but u and he still showed some care and love with each other... good job!

TL said...

Thanks. That is one of the reason why I love my Bebhe so much!