Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Keeping it Real

It’s been quite sometime since I last wrote about me and my Bebhe. And it seems that I am no longer taking the path I once envision for this blog. So today, it’s time to keep it real.

I woke up today from a dream. Yup! After a couple of month, maybe even years, I dreamed again. It was a Christmas gathering and I was with my family. Unfortunately my Bebhe is not there. As to why, I’m still trying to figure it out. When I opened my eyes, my mind raced through different thoughts. One of it is this blog and what happened to it. Then when I turned to my side, I saw my Bebhe sleeping soundly. I felt a profound awe and after more than 9 months of being together, I felt it again. Incomparable joy! I am the luckiest man in the world! I have the person whom I love and loved me back. A person I will cherish for the rest of my life. So after a couple of seconds of realization, I hugged my Bebhe tightly and whispered in his ears “I love you”. He stirred but didn’t wake up. So I let my mind to work once more about how lucky I am to have my Bebhe. I cherished the moments we had and will have together. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes even now as I write this post. I will be a lower than a moron if I let my Bebhe go!

After a couple of minutes, I stood up and went to the toilet to relieve myself. Even as I do so, my mind still lingers about my Bebhe. Then it hit me. I have been planning for weeks about resurrecting my old self. The one people once followed and read. The one people once embraced as their one. Yes I’m talking about Dark Knight or DK as he is more popularly known nowadays. I was standing there, reveling about all the love in the world and still, I wanted something else. That’s when I realized that I have fallen for the very thing that I wanted to be never associated with. PRIDE.

I wanted adulation. I wanted readers. I wanted fans. I mean who doesn’t? Once you experienced it, the body will look for it. It’s just like drugs, only more dangerous. I came back to bed with this thoughts in mind. Wondering what happened. Then just as my question springs more questions, My Bebhe moved and hugged me. That’s when I knew it. I’ve been so engrossed in adding feathers to my cap and thinking that there are still mountains to be conquered out there that I tend to forget that I’m already attached. I was just thinking like a true bachelor. Just like Dark Knight.

With these realizations in mind, I will no longer be known as DK or Dark Knight. I am now TL. The Lover of my Bebhe.

“Waking up beside your love one, I can’t think of anything more grand” - Anon


ice_codey said...

wow gud for u... ako ewan ko lang.. accept ko naman na mag-iisa ako habang buhay... huhuhu... anyways hapi naman ako kahit single kac nandyan naman ang family and friends ko... im happy naman with my single life... though i'm not closing my doors to have a special serious relationship .. pero di nako mag-e-expect..

TL said...

Its good to hear that you are no longer expecting but you are still hoping. A wise man once said:

"Expect the worst but hope for the best"

Keep your hopes up! A new day is coming and with it comes new opportunities!