Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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Some of the questions are nasty, offensive and DIRRTY! hehehe!

actually the idea is galing kay dj mo twister medyo nirevise ko lang ng konti hehehehe!

so ganito un, sasagutin ko muna to tapos itatag ko kayong lhat, now dpat pag sinagot nyo, dapat with all honesty and walang joke joke at wlang pakeme keme kesyo ganito ganyan! dpat honest tlga! walang KJ! heheehehe!

now if u dont like the questions or just some of the questions then wala ako magagawa, just stop reading hehehehe!

u have a choice whether u want to answer this one or not ok? hehehehehehe


1. Copy paste the questions only not the answers
2. Put my name "turismoboi" hehehe for the credits.
3. Answer all questions with honesty and credibility.


1. Who is the male celebrity you had sex with? (if yes, give EASY clues if you dont want to drop names, if none, then Who is the celebrity you would want to have sex with? hehehe)

Wala pa eh. Pero kung bibigyan ng pagkakataon, si Christian Bautista na lang (incest ito!)

2. Have you ever tasted your own cum? Why? (if not, will you ever consider doing it?)

'Course I did! Bata pa ako nun and I never did it again. Why? Got curious siguro. Hindi ko na remember kung bakit eh.

3. What, Who and Where is your greatest sexual fantasy? Why?

Sa mga nakabasa ng blog ko dati, alam na ninyong wala na dapat ako ipantasya. Pero sa totoo lang, gusto ko talaga tikman si pinsan (See answer to number 1)

4.Who is the blogger that you have fantasized naked? Why?

Dati, I fantasized about my Master pero ngayon hindi na. Why? Basahin ang blog nya ng malaman! Kung bakit hindi na ngayon, akin na lang yon.

5. If God created you as a woman? What is your name and Why?

Jane. Why? I never dreamed of being a woman. Masaya ako kung ano at sino ako.

6. Who would you choose to save in a sinking boat, your mother or your partner that you love, Why?

Kailangan pa bang imemorize yan? Nanay ko op cors!

7. What would you do if your partner tells you that he wants to experience threesome with you and his exboyfriend and if you dont agree he will leave you? (think like you don't have any other choice and consider that you're suicidal if he leaves you)

Gagawin ko pero afterwards iiwan ko na xa. Why? Hindi dahil sa pinagawa nya kung hindi dahil sa condition nya (Parang narinig ko na to from someone...)

8. Partner asks you to swallow his cum, will you do it?


9. If your still not "OUT", Narrate us how will you tell it to your parents? (if you're out, tell us in details how you did it)

"Ma, boyfriend ko." Simple pero rock!

10.Have you ever fantasize having sex with your father's friend? How about your father?

This is gross!!! I will never ever ever think this way! Yucckkk!!!

11. You are in climax when one of the members of your family saw you jacking off while watching gay porno, What will be your best excuse?

I got caught while jacking off but not watching anything. Napatigil ako at nakipagtitigan sa nanay ko. Then ung nanay ko nag sorry at lumabas ng kuarto. Ano ginawa ko? Tinuloy ko. Malapit na eh. Ayaw ko sumakit puson ko.

12. Partner cheated you, What will be your best break up line?

Question is makikipagbreak ba ako? Malamang hindi ako makikipaghiwalay. As long as sincere naman xa sa apology, bakit ako makikipaghiwalay? Mahal ko ata Bebhe ko!

13. Job interview for your dream ideal job, the old fat effeminate grouch gay owner of the company will hire you ONLY IF you have sex with him. Will you do it? (Consider your jobless and this is the last job in the wholewide world)


14. It was noon, you got mugged, They left you naked, no money, no clothes to steal nearby, nothing to cover up, you have to walk 5 blocks to get to your house, incidentally theres no other way but to pass ur favorite enemy's house, who is currently smoking outside his door, What would you do?

Strutt my way home! so what if I'm naked? Wala naman dapat ikahiya sa katawan ko

15. What is your funniest sexual experience?

My first time to have sex. I don't know where and how to insert my dick. My gf ended up riding me instead hehehe

16. You are a Harry Potter character? What is your name and What will be your significance to Harry's mission?

Dobby the house elf. I will be the one who saves Potty's life!

17. Judgement day! God asks you what is the one good deed you have done to be able to save your ass and go to heaven? Did it help mankind?

Nothing. I have done nothing to deserve heaven.

18. Will you fight for your partner over your parents? Why?

Depende kung sino tama (Parang nabasa ko na to ah...)

19. If given a chance for a free makeover surgery, What is the only part of your body that you would like to change? Why?

I'm happy with what I have. My flaws make me ME. I don't want to change anything.

20. In your next life, you will be reincarnated as _ _ _?


21. Would you consider having sex with Turismoboi? With Yourself? Why?

Everything is possible. But of course, I need to consider all and otehr possibilities.


theTripper said...

"4.Who is the blogger that you have fantasized naked? Why?

Dati, I fantasized about my Master pero ngayon hindi na. Why? Basahin ang blog nya ng malaman! Kung bakit hindi na ngayon, akin na lang yon."

huh???? alin doon? pero ok na rin yun para di ka magkakasala sa akin. harharhar

charmed one said...


sorry for the inconvenience, pero would you kindly change my url link. i have migrated to wordpress after a major mishap with my blogger.

my new url link is www.dcharmedone.wordpress.com


† alleicarg † said...

interesting personality..

DK said...

Master secret ko na lang un! nyahaha!!!

Sisterhood what happened? Hehehe remember mo ung nangyari sa blog ko kung bakit nagprivate sandali? Dahil sa experiments din nyahahaha

Alleicarg thanks for the comment and dropping by my site :)

dazedblu* said...

KEWL, first time reader and xoo much entertained here XD

Nice this tag is awesome. Hehe, maloko talaga.