Friday, September 14, 2007


Whew! It's only been a couple of days and it seems that I haven't been blogging for quite sometime. You see I needed to take care of something more important than blogging. Something even more important than my life. It was my Bebhe. Not that I don't take care of him but simply because, since late Monday, he was sick. He had a fever and experienced some muscle pain. To be honest, I almost panic when Tuesday night arrive and he still has a fever. I almost begged him not to go to work but knowing my Bebhe, begging won't do any good. So I just supported him and made sure that he had plenty of rest.

Wednesday come and the fever went down. I was sure that everything will be well but I was wrong. Come Wednesday evening, He was so sick that both of us was not able to go to work anymore. I just lay beside him, making sure that he is warm when cold creeps in. when morning arrive, I placed my palm against his forehead and smiled. No more fever. So after a long night, I finally dozed off.

We woke up around mid afternoon Thursday and had a blast together. We even had a pillow fight! Laughter can be heard from all four corners of our love room. For me, I was just glad everything was back to normal. We both decided to go to the office early so that we can catch up to the work that we missed the day before. We arrived in the office around 8PM and was off to a good start when, I guess, I reached my limit.

You see, all those days that my Bebhe was sick, I was beside him. Hugging and kissing him. So there is no arguement that this time will come. When it will be me who will be sick. What really suprised me is the timing. I guess my body knows that it can't be sick during that the time that my Bebhe was sick. Or maybe it was just pure coincidence. I can't remember willing myself not to be sick because my Bebhe needed me. All I know is nothing was running through my mind during those times other than the sight of my sick Bebhe in a fetal position. Well, whatever it is, I'm just quite thankful that we were not sick at the same time.

Sorry guys, downtime. Please bear with this lame post for now.


Mugen said...

Hindi kaya siya lame post. Sweet mo nga eh. :)

miss kurdapya said...

kung lahat ng bading, kasing sweet, alaga at sobrang mapagmahal tulad mo...aba! mauubusan na ng lalaki ang mga lahat sila bading na ang type.. pero..saludo ako kung gaano mo ka mahal si bhebhe mo.

TL said...

Kapatid thanks po! Pero wala pa ring tatalo sa blog mo :)

Miss Kurdapya hehehe thanks po :) Hindi naman siguro mauubusan, maaagawan lang ahihihi

icka said...

gusto ko na ulit magkasakit.. pra maalagaan din ako.ahihihi

ur bebhe must be very lucky to have you.

charmed one said...

naku kapatid, nilalanggam ang iyong blog.

sweet sweetan talaga ito.

xienahGirl said...

ang sweet.

yun lang.

TL said...

Icka ako ang lucky to have my Bebhe :)

Sisterhood thanks po ahihihi

Princesa bakit may kasamang pagiyak ang comment?

gripenmanila said...

Anoveh! matamis pa sa honey ang mahalang ito! Sa totoo lang yan ang tunay na manifestation ng love niyo for each other..If the other is weak,the other one is willing to take of the other...

Oi baka naman kalabit ka ng kalabit sa bhebe mo kaya yan nilagnat? jowkes! ahihihi!

PS: Ingat ka din sa sakit! take your vitamins! oi sorry tagal na akong hindi naka YM one of these contact kita ha!

TL said...

KAPATID!!! Kamusta? thanks sa comment. Hehehe kalabit nga ng kalabit hindi naman pinapansin hehehe

Ingat ka din. Don't worry about me. Nandyan si Bebhe to take care of me :)

Anonymous said...

good thing he's now ok :)