Thursday, September 20, 2007


I must thank HR for the message he/she posted in my CBOX "downtime is lovetime" because it gave me an idea on what to be posting today. I have been struggling to write a new post since last Monday but was not able to. Writer's block some may call it. Me? I don't know what or why.

My Bebhe's sickness and afterwards, mine, couldn't come in a better time. We have both been working too hard and even though we are living together, we barely have time for each other and even our sex life is suffering. But thanks to this blessing in disguised, all that was history! We were like newly weds all of a sudden. Cooking together, laughing at and with each other, even reading books together We were bonding and I'm not complaining! It has been months since something like this happened. And now I know better. Never again will I let work get too much of my time. My Bebhe's worth more than that. More than anything this world can offer me.

Yesterday was another lesson learned. I was reading this month's cosmo and an article struck me. Quality Time or better know as QT. It says that couples who cook together has a 50% more chance to last compared to those who don't. Thank goodness we both love to cook! So I guess are chances are higher than you guys huh? hehehe... Another part of the article said that watching TV is NOT considered as QT. But I beg to differ. Because on our case, we use that to discuss whatever we are watching. Which nowadays is either House MD or Avatar, the last air bender. Needless to say, we do try to make the most of the time we are together.

Lastly, we are now both officially engaged in a sport. But not physical sports. That's for the jocks like my Bebhe but not me. I'm a nerd. And since I'm a nerd, our sport is CHESS!!! I used to be a varsity player for this sport when I was still in highschool but I never owned my own chess set. So one day, when me and My Bebhe was strolling, we saw a set on sale. Without and hesitation we bought it. I had a hard time convincing my Bebhe to play with me but he gave in one time and now he's the one asking to play it. Am I a good teacher or what?

Another lame post. I guess I'm still suffering the "block". But to stop posting will mean I'm giving up. So I will continue to post more until I get my rhythym back.

"QT is time well spent" - Anon


Anonymous said...

wow, chess talaga....the thinker's arena of combat, as i prefer to call it......hehehe

Mugen said...

Nah, lame post ka jan. This entry reminds me how we have become distant to one another. I mean, QT? La kami nun, mas gusto pa namen soloflight. Yet surprisingly, kahit ganon ang sistema, we tend to hold on to the relationship. Ask mo kung bakit? Hindi ko rin alam eh.

Anonymous said...

varsity k ng chess??? huwaaawwww, nerd nga :p

TL said...

Reigh hindi naman cguro combat hehehe

Kapatid bakit hindi nyo ulit subukan?

Sisterhood talagang huwaaawwww ang comment ha? Ahihihi

gripenmanila said...

naging varsity ka ng chess sa Chung Hua?...ei speaking of our school check out my new post,grabeh nagulat din ako ahahah!

XanFactor said...

let's play chess one time...

and cosmo...? dude... you are better than that... come on!


TL said...

Kapatid na Gripen uu nga nagulat din ako! Grabe!!

Lexan it was my first time to buy Cosmo and I will never do it again :)