Friday, September 28, 2007

Lovenotes #4


We've beent through a lot and I know there are still hurdles coming our way. But I know we can get pass them. Together.

Thank you for 11 months of love and trust. Thank you for all those 334 days that we shared together. And for the last 8016 hours that I will cherish for the rest of my life, thank you. And how can I forget spending 480960 minutes with you as we laughed, fight, cuddle, and love each other. All those times, never did I regret spending a second with you.

And now here we are. After 11 months, we're still here. Loving and fighting. But that what makes us stick together. The knowledge that the other is concern, even if it results in a quarrel. A day without words being exchange. Yes, I don't regret those. Because for me Bhe, those are the times that showed the real you. And how lucky I am to have you in my arms everyday. To feel your warm embrace. I love you.

11 months have passed and I have no plans of stopping nor slowing down. You asked me when I professed my love to you if this is the kind of relationship I wanted. My answer 11 months ago is the same until know. Yes! And I will never consider having anyone in my life except you. You complete me.

I know we are having problems. Even now, as I write this, I think about them. But that doesn't change the fact that I love you. Come hell or high waters, I will be here for you. I love you with all my heart. No one else comes close.

Happy monthsary.

I love you.

"Only a fool runs when a problem comes" - Anon


Anonymous said...

bilis ng panahon, binabti ko kyo :)
--kai kai

TL said...

Salamat sisterhood. Next week kayo naman! :)

Anonymous said...

wow hang sweet. congrats :)

engz said...

kaw talaga. u never fail to make him feel yung pagmamahal mo. importante yang mga special na mga times para maging matatag ang relasyon nyo. alam mo, hindi ako nagtataka na tumagal kayo ng ganyan at tatagal pa kayo,with somebody like u as a lover, parang anghirap yatang maghanap pa ng iba...keep it up.Godbless sa inyong dalawa.

ice_codey said...

wow ang sweet!!! buti pa kau 11 months na!!!! kakainggit!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, isa na lang one year na kayo....kakainggit....hehehe, happy 11th monthsary!!!

gripenmanila said...

Ang chweeet!!! tangina ayoko na! hahaha! kakaingit! chwe!

hahah! happy monthsary! at advance anniversary na din!

Anonymous said...

*goosebumps sa kainggitan*

ang sweet nyo naman!! through thick or thin...haaayzzz.


TL said...

Anon Thanks po

Engz Thnx thnx! Pero sa totoo lang, ako ang swerte sa Bebhe ko kaya hindi na ako maghahanap pa ng iba! :)

Ice Codey thnx po! Wag maingit madami dyan hehehe

Reigh thnx po! kayo din ng kaibigan natin lam ko magtatagal kayo!

Kapatid na Gripen salamat! Hahaha ingit ka dyan! Ung violin asan na?

shamasu thanks po!

_davenport_ said...