Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lucky Me

I've been seeing a trend in the comments about my posts. They mostly say about how lucky my Bebhe was and how much I love my Bebhe. I'm not saying that its wrong but this is supposed to be about my Bebhe and not about me. So I decided, that for this post, I will highlight how much my Bebhe loves me.

Everybody remembers the "Mcdo" incident. I should have told my Bebhe about that meeting. I was only with a friend. But I hesitated. I thought he would not understand. But I was wrong. He do understands. But did I stop there? No! I continued hiding secret meet ups to my Bebhe. I have no idea why I continued doing that even though I know that he will understand what I will be doing. Maybe because I don't want to see or hear him say "no". Because you and I both know that if he says "no", like it or not, I will have to stay put. I'm "under". I know. But I love it!

During our last monthsary, he bought me a gift. Silly me, I never gave him anything. It's a cute pillow shaped like a dog bone. I will post a picture of it here soon and you will know why I mentioned it. And everytime I think of it, it puts a smile on my face. I'm making a mental note of buying him a gift later.

And just a couple of days ago, I saw him reading the same book I just finished. I know we both love reading but we like different genre. But he tried to appreciate what I want and love. I remembered an instance when he tried playing NeverWinterNights. Though it gave him a headache and gave up later, the effort I saw him put just so that we can have something in common makes me want to cry.

Those who know me knows about my other deeds that I will not mention here because I decided to forget about them. They're history. And should not be allowed to happen again. And here is a great testimonial to the great love I received everyday from my Bebhe. He forgives. No matter how grave my sin was, he forgives me and loves me even more. Not only does he help me get up from my fall, he assist me in making sure that I have an action plan to avoid future mistakes! How can I a guy like me not love him? He's perfect!

I know some of you may still ask me what I saw in my Bebhe and why I was so inloved with him. I can give you a thousand and one more reasons other than what I stated above. But let me answer that in a different way.

"Love was never meant to be explained. It's meant to be felt"


Mugen said...

"Love was never meant to be explained. It's meant to be felt"

I agree with you kapatid. Parang ikaw ang local version ni Tiggah ah! Nadaanan mo na ba yung blog na yun?

Anonymous said...

lucky hyou, lucky me, hehehe parang noodles lang. Salamat sa pagbati .
== kai kai

TL said...

Kapatid thanks thanks yup napadaan na ako dun minsan. Local version nun? uy hindi pa naman ako ngpapakita ng nude pics namin hehehe

Sisterhood thanks po! Lucky din naman kaw at xa sayo hahah parang noodles din hahaha!!! :p

THE GRIPEN said...

I agree with Mugen parang kayo si tiggahtigz! nyehehe

It's nice to know that you guys are trying hard to understand each other at natapos na yung teething stage niyo,and you're now into the commitment stage. It means nagmamature na relationship niyo

TL said...

Kapatid na Gripen thanks thanks pero parang ang hirap mag agree na akko local version ni Tiggah hehehe wala pa ako balak magpakakita ng nude pics hahaha :p