Friday, November 2, 2007

A Year At Last

Last October 28 we celebrated our first anniversary. And to commemorate our union, we made sure that we have enough time for each other on that very special day. Although most of our time was spent sleeping beside each other and arguing when we were awake, I can still say that all in all, that day was one of the happiest day of my life. Why, you might ask. What made my day at all when we don't seem to have done something special? All I can say is just being with my Bebhe makes that day worthwhile. Watching my Bebhe sleep and listen to his subtle snores that are like music to my ears. Those things, my friends, made my day. Because I believe that it was not the fancy food or the expensive suite or even the great sex will make that day memorable. A year or two from now, we will not remember where we had our first anniversary. Rather, we will remember how we cuddled each other. How we laugh at each other's recorded snores. And how we made it through a year.

To you my Bebhe, I love you.


THE GRIPEN said...

Yey ako una!

Wow one year na sila! congrats neng! more anniversaries to come!

Anonymous said...

congratulations sa one year nyo......i know how happy it must be to achieve a year of relationship filled with trials surpassed with unconditional love. sana dumamai pa ang taon nyo na magkasama.

TL said...

Kapatid na Gripen salamat!!!

Reigh thanks po. And I hope that both you and our friend will be there soon :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats kfatid sa inyo ng bebe mo, im so happy for both of you, more to come

TL said...

Sisterhood teka sandali lang ha. Parang yan din ung comment ko sa post mo eh. Hahaha anyway, tenk yu tenk yu!!!

yuriki.kun said...

"And how we made it through a year."

bigat naman nun.
well let me wish more you years together.

TL said...

yuriki.kun Thanks po. Mabigat ba? Sorry nahirap ka magbuhat hehehe :)