Monday, November 5, 2007

Rekindling the Fire

Its been a while since I was here. As many of you know, I just came back from a well deserve rest from blogging. It did bring some bad issues along with it but what's really important is that I got my rest and now, fully energized, I'm back in the blogging world!

As many of you will say, its not that easy to get back on one's own feet. It takes time. And that's what I will just do. I will take time in going back to blogging to avoid burning out again.

So! What to write on this glorius Monday night? I know! Why not start with the rumor that went around about me closing my blog? Yup! That will be nice. I noticed that some of my blogmates speculated about the sudden decision I made of going private. Especially the words that I used in making the blogosphere know about it. So let me see... If I remember it correctly, Angelopaolo, my sisterhoods Kaizen and Turismoboi, shamasu, and Kapatid na Gripen,, too name a few, who made an assumption that I had a problem with my relationship with My Bebhe. and I understand where they're coming from! I mean for goodness sake! This blog is made for my Bebhe! If I were in their shoes, I will be thinking the same thing! Because I will be concerned for my well being. And I can feel that they feel the same way. So guys, THANK YOU!

So what is the real reason behind my abrupt disappearance. Well honestly, I just lost the fire of writing. I lost the drive. No that my relationship with Bebhe started to become dull and unintersting that I can't write anything about it. On the contrary, so much was happening that I can't get my wits together to write something about it. So instead of seeing my blog everyday and frustrating over not being able to write a thing, I went private. And I got more than what I bargained for! Not only was I able to rekindle the blogger in me, I also got my priorities straight and got to spend more time with my Bebhe. Isn't that great?!?

Lastly, and I just want to say this, thank you guys for all the support and loving that me and my Bebhe receive from you everday. We both appreciate it more than you think.

"Diamonds are rare and expensive but nothing compared to a true friend" - Anon


Anonymous said...

welcome back!!!!

Mugen said...

Welcome back kapatid!! Nice to see you again. Mukhang ako naman ang magsusuffer sa "block"

TL said...

Sisterhood!!! Thanks thanks!! Namiss kita!

Kapatid!!! Salamat po! Namiss kita! Hahaha kayang kaya mo yan!

THE GRIPEN said...

Welcome back ahia! ganun talaga once in a while we needed some sort of a rest. Beauty sleep kung baga para blooming ulit! ahihi

TL said...

Kapatid na Gripen salamat sa pagwelcome! Of course may tama ka! Beauty sleep lang talaga ang kulang!