Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Looking Back

History does repeat itself. What’s happening now happened last year as well. And it was when I realized how much important MB is for me. It was during my lowest times that he was there and is still here. And it’s still fresh in my memory. That is one of the reason I was touched by the movie we watched last month.

“He loved me at my worst…”

I just hold MB’s hand tightly when I heard this line. Although it was meant differently in the movie, it had a different effect on me. I realized how much I am being loved by MB. I just hope I’m returning even half of that love because he deserves to be loved.

MB loved me during the worst time in my life. He became the stronghold that I cling to. And when I spoke to Myex about being inlove with MB, he told me that he understood. For MB was there when I felt so low as I was there for him. That MB cared for me when I needed caring. I know what Myex said is true. I just realized now how much it meant to me.

Indeed MB was there and will always be there for me. Through both good times and bad. In sickness or in health. And I love him for that. And now, as I face another challenge in my life, I thank MB for being there for me. Just like before. Just like always.

I love you MB. Always and forever.


mink said...

Robert: Forever
Giselle: and ever


_davenport_blueball tournament said...

Bea & John Lloyd ikaw ba yan.. he he he..

-- --

How important is physical presence.. since it is beginning to look like Christmas.. allow me to say John 3:16

"for God so Love the world He gave us His only son..."

that is in the flesh.

THE GRIPEN said...

Ano daw sabi Dave Bea and John Llloyd? but hindi na lang yung mga truliling couple na subok ng tumagal. Carmen Rosal and Rogelio De la Rosa oh di ba? Ang original maalala mo kya MTV na shinooting sa isang palayan sa Mandaluyong noong 1949 with matching harutan sa Pilapil scenes..nyehehe yun talaga for life!

Grabeh another sweet kinilig ang eyeliner ko post....nyehehe

TL said...

Guys thanks for the sweet messages :)

@Mink tama ka. Always and Forever

@Dave I know. Thanks.

@Gripen Ganun talaga kapatid? Haha