Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I got up early and cook breakfast for two. Although it’s just a simple meal, I cooked it with all the love I’m feeling today. Unfortunately, it was left on the table for hours without being touched. MB is still in bed refusing to stand or to make any sudden movements. He wants to make sure he has a full rest for today’s Monday. And we both know that Monday is a hell day for the both of us. So I let him be and satisfied myself with watching dvds that we bought from Carriedo the other day.

Around noon time, MB finally got out of bed and decided that it’s time to meet the day’s warm embrace. He noticed the cold food in the table and muttered something about not waking him up. I just smiled and gave him a huge hug. Kissed his cheeks and asked him if he wants me to warm the food for him. He said otherwise so we started to dig in. Nothing is better than to start your day with a good laugh and to eat with your love one I said to myself. So we continued to savor our cold foods and laugh at what’s on TV.

After our brunch, we each took our showers and went straight to pay our bills. Everything was planned until we reached our destination. The establishment we were to pay is closed. A thought came to mind when MB mentioned that the next nearest place we can go is in our old neighborhood. I immediately suggested that we go there right then without giving any reasons why. Luckily for me he agreed. When we reached our destination, I was awed by how much the place barely changed. I can still see the placed we frequent during our habitual nighttime walk. Even the place where we spend our mornings for breakfast is still there. I just grabbed MB’s hand and smiled at him. The place reminded me of how much I’m inlove with my bebhe. Now I wish I said these exact words instead of just staring at his eyes and smiling sheepishly.

When we got in the office, we parted ways. No words were yet exchange about how important this day is. Hours passed and we each began becoming busy by the moment when a friend suddenly sent me a message. I saw a window and mentioned to my friend to tell something to MB. After a few minutes, I smiled. Bingo.

While I’m writing this, I can help but smile to myself. Though I look really stupid infront of my colleagues for they see me typing something in winword while smiling stupidly. What do I care? For all I know now, that even though things like this come in scarce nowadays, it just makes it more worthwhile to try harder to get it. Because even for just a second of happiness, a single smile, a single laugh, or a second of being with the person you love the most, it’s all worth it.

Happy 18th Monthsary Bhe :)

“A genuine smile is worth more than any gold you can find – more so, if it came from a love one.” - Anon


MakMak said...

Wow! That's great! Happy for you guys. =)

Coincidentally, I'm also celebrating my 18th month today - of being with my present company. Lol. How pathetic is that.

mikes said...



more months of togetherness for the two of you...forever if that is possible :p

mink said...

MB & TL,

stay in love po and wish you what matters most - Good health, sound mind, contentment and happiness. God bless and take care!


dabo said...


TL said...

Thank you thank you thank you :)

Barbara Bakal said...

waw. buti pa kayo :(

red riding odin hood said...

ahihihi happy 18th monthsarry! :)

TL said...

Manay varvaruh whaddup??? Bitter abs kaw?

Odin thanks po :)

wanderingcommuter said...

wow ang tagal niyo na... kakaelibs...nasa boundary na kayo ng idealism ng pag ibig...hehehe
keep it up!

TL said...

Wanderer thanks sa pagdaan. Hahaha wala pa ang staying power namin compared kina kapatid na Joms at Boss Tripper

wanderingcommuter said...

but i still believe that your relationship has its own strenghts. at malakas ang positive vibes ko! hehehe. kulit!

Kris Canimo said...

naiinggit ako.
gusto ko sana magpost sa blog ko something about this issue alam mo na, the four letter word.

kaso baka korni kalabasan.
andame ko pa namang sakit sa puso ngaun. hay.

kongrats :D

TL said...

Wanderer hehehe thanks po! :)

Kris "kaso baka korni kalabasan." ???


Kahit korni yan basta un ang gusto mo isulat go go go power rangers lang! Remember! Blog mo un! Nakikibasa lang sila so wala sila karapatan maginarte hehehe

Kris Canimo said...

haha, adik ka. cge ill try. teka. ngayon na ako gagawa. hahaha