Friday, April 18, 2008

Hang Ups Anyone?

“I like talking to you because you seem to have no hang ups or whatever.”

No hang ups? What the --?? Can anyone tell me what this mean? I asked around and here’s what some of the people think what “No hang ups” mean.

“Nothing’s holding you back. No doubts or apprehensions.” - Lesbian friend

“You can talk without any shame or inhibitions” - Cowboy Girl

“Not easily hassled by things. Seems to have no problems. Cool. Someone who shows who he really is.” - Rich Kid

“Ang sakin lng, u can show ur emotions. Kunwari may sinabi ako sa iba. tas may sinabi sila sakin. parang kulang. Parang masyadong safe or masyadong plain. Ndi ko masyadong maramdaman. Yung dating nya sakin ganun kasi nga iba yung personality nila... ang sakin lng, mag gusto kita kausap kasi mas aaliw mas kwela mas ok... mas palagay yung loob ko” - Saito Hajime

“Totally moved on ka na. Wala ng natirang remorse, galit, pain, sama ng loob etc.” - Boy Genius

“Someone who doesn’t feel any guilt for what happened in the past. Someone who doesn’t feel any anger or pain even to his EXs or anyone who came to his life or anything that happened in his life. Simply put, it's a person who never dwells in the past.” - Gym Buddy

Hhhmm... so having no hang ups is like a good thing. But if this is the meaning of not having any hang ups, then I definitely do not fall in this category. I for one know that I am a person with a lot of apprehensions and doubts. I talk with inhibitions because I’m afraid that what I say might not be the right thing to say or might just be rejected. And I’m definitely someone who is easily intimidated, hassled, and bullied. And what is this that they are saying about having no problems? Who on earth doesn’t have a problem? Everybody does right? And just to clear things up. I’m not cool.

With that said, how can someone even tell me that they love talking to me because I do not have any hang ups? I’m a loser with no characteristics that anyone will like. You can even ask my friends and they will tell you what a headache I am and how much pain I have inflicted to them. But that didn’t stop MB from loving me. MB showed me that even a loser like me can be loved, cuddled, kissed, hugged, and treasured. That someone so miserable as me can still be happy. That I still have a future; a future full of happiness. And that, my friends, is just one of the things that I love about MB. He loves me for what I am. No hang ups.

“It's not who or what that's important” - Anon


Remcyl said...

Thank God no one has told me incomprehensible words like that.

Life is complicated as it already is. Can't people just say things how they are? It's not being stupid not knowing what words mean. Its' just that some people want to sound cool by putting two words not meant to be together to begin with.

Keep it simple you guys...

To TL: Just smile about it. :)

theTripper said...

this post is believable, mind u. ;) fortunately, it is your imperfections that made you who and what you are. hang-ups or no hang-ups, it really doesn't matter. that makes you unique.

hoooopsss. i should have not said that. hehehe

mikes said...

exactly the point boss..

the love given by your bhebhe changed u.and the change is now apparent, leading others to realize the value of the new you.

i agree with whoever he is that is being quoted here...i like talking to you too.nandun yung comfort ng security, maturity at sincerity.

sinu naman kasi ang magtatyaga sa maraming hang-ups sa buhay di ba?ako ganun, and thank you for telling me na simple lang ang solusyon.hahanap lang ako ng MB ko.hekhek.

apir :p

Mugen said...

I’m a loser with no characteristics that anyone will like. You can even ask my friends and they will tell you what a headache I am and how much pain I have inflicted to them.


Nah, don't ever ever think like that kapatid. :) Remember what I told you how you bonded us. :)

red riding odin hood said...

"Why do I never trust myself
and declare myself a loser,
a sucker and a moron
while others admire me?"

this is a quote from kuya joms' latest post, from a poem entitled "a dialogue to myself" back in 1999 hehe

kaya kuya tl, why would you call yourself a loser while your friends admire you? why would you call yourself a loser when ur MB loves you?!

dabo said...

aba inglisan ang mga lolo dito..

kupal, yup you are not cool.. even if we told na humble ka you would not admit it..
kupal sabi nga emimen " i am what i am, coz if i am not, you wouldn't say what you think i am"

kupal kaya.. you are what you are, and you are proud about it. cheers!

uhh did i say kupal enough.. kupal?


mink said...

keep bleeding... keep keep bleeding love...

wala lang LSS ko yan kahapon pa while magkausap tayo...
hindi naman tayo lahat perfect pero ung mga imperfections na yun na tinanggap ng buong buo ni MB ay isang patunay na love ka talaga nya and you changed dahil doon...

hindi ka naman sakit sa ulo ah, wag isipin na ganun ka your probably or definitely better than most of us here...


TL said...

Remcyl thanks for the comment. Life is simply. It's just a matter of choice :)

Tripper Just keeping it real.

Mikes thanks for the kind words :) Yup just look for the one that will accept you for who you are. That simple.

Kapatid Bond talaga ha? Para tuloy akong paste hehehe

Odin point of view ko un before I found MB kasi naman palpak talaga ang kuya mo eh :)

Kupal salamat sa pangkukupal! Ang kupal ng komento mo. Bagay sa pagiging kupal mo hahaha

Friendship thanks po sa comment. Thanks for being there for me and MB. Hahaha sakit ako sa ulo. Ask mo si MB hehehe

wanderingcommuter said...

i must agree with tripper. surprisingly, its your imperfections that sometimes make you and people should always live with that when it comes to you.

hehehe. salamat sa pagdaan. mas okay ang mga nag cocomment sa iyo. parang kilalang kilala ka na nila.

bakit? may ioofer ka bang work? hehehe

TL said...

Wanderer thanks for the comment. Of course people should accept you for who and what you are :)


Kilala na nila ako. Inuman session ba naman every sat eh. Sama ka?

May opening kami. Malay mo para sayo un? ;)