Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I just finished watching the season finale of House MD season 4.  Amber, the girlfriend of Dr. Wilson, is the patient and so on and so forth. Watch the episode to find out more.

Anyway, what happened in the end part is what moved me into making this post. Amber died. And I can’t stop my tears from falling. The scene where Wilson lies besides Amber before he “pulls the plug” is a real tear jerker. 

Back to my post. As I watch this scene unfold, I can’t help but wonder what I would feel if I was in his shoes. I mean, what if it was MB who’s lying there and someone told be me he’s about to die? Honestly, the first thing that comes to my mind is rage. I would probably rip apart the person who tells me that I will lose the love of my life. Then after I’m done with that person, I would then charge in the room and god knows what I would do. 

But then, come to think of it, I wouldn’t really hurt the person who will tell me that MB is dying or worse, dead. I would probably just collapse, find a seat, and be detached from reality.

Or I could start asking questions. Ask the doctor why or how or even when. Maybe even challenge the doctor’s diagnosis and look for another doctor for a second opinion. 

Or I can just walk into the room, sit beside my love, hold his hand, and kiss him one last time.

All of these are just possibilities and nothing is certain. But one thing I would sure do if MB kicks the bucket before me. I would follow him not a moment too soon.

“A life without love is worse than death ” - Anon


odin hood said...

love watching house... still havent watched that episode haha kaya di ka na tinapos basahin haha dont want spoilers e

-:- Drama Queen -:- said...

mas naisip ko yung moment na hindi pa nagtu toothbrush si amber tapos kakagising nya lang from coma..

tapos nag tongue to tongue sila ni Wilson..

Di ba mas morbid yun?? :)

Hahhahahahahha! :) Mishu,TL!