Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boston Legal

I’ve wanted to post something about the series me and MB is currently watching. Yup, you’ve guessed it right! It’s Boston Legal.

Basically, the series revolves around the folks in a law firm named Crane, Poole and Schmidt. And what I really liked about them is that the people in the firm are so unbelievable, you can actually enjoy watching TV and know that it’s just TV. No pretension and make believes. It’s just pure fun.

The main personality in the program is lawyer Alan Shore played by James Spader. But the person who I like most is the named partner, Denny Crane portrayed by William Shatner. Now Denny Crane used to be the biggest gun in the state of Boston before mad cow / Alzheimer’s got his brains. But that didn’t stop him from being larger than life. Even when he just walks in the room, you know, he’s the big guy. Every single time I see him in the screen, the episodes suddenly is alive. Kudos to William Shatner for his great acting!

Now, so much for my “review”. This post is actually about the episode I saw earlier today. It’s about many other things but what struck me most is the smoker client of Alan Shore who can’t give up smoking to save her life. But when she said that what she missed about smoking is how it is a time away from the frenzy, hate, stress, and whatever else she mentioned, and how it gives her a peace of mind, even if its just a couple of minutes, it made me realized something. The reason why I always wait for MB before I take my lunch time, even if it means waiting the entire day, the wait pales to the time I will spend with him. Even if it’s only a couple of minutes or an hour, it’s worth the wait. Because that’s my time away from stress, away from problems, away from suffering, away from boredom, away from anyone else but him. My time and my space are directed only to one person. All my energy, my effort, is given to him. And with that, I know my day wasn’t a waste at all.

“Spending even a nanosecond with your love one is enough reason to keep fighting” - Anon


Badingako said...

Thats so sweet!

I have a weird addiction on the other hand which diverts my attention from all the stress of life.

I visit Ebay and browse through different cellphones for hours. I dont intend to buy anything, or bid on an item, I just browse.

It's relaxing and in a way, its all worth the broadband bills haha.

red riding odin hood said...

ang sweet talaga, you're both busy pero effort para makapag-lunch together! nakakainggit! hahahaha

dabo said...

kupal..oh sorry.. dapat pala kupallettes para bagay sa theme ng entry..

--- --

kupallettes that is so sweet (then tutunog yung tone na pinadala ko sa yo wohoooo)

wanderingcommuter said...

wow, nakakamangha naman pala ang nagagawa ng pag ibig. bonus na ang nagiging pasensyoso ka...

TL said...

@badingako hahaha ang cool naman ng distraction mo :)

@Odin sabi nga nila, if there's a will, there's a way :)

@Dabo Kupaloids! uu nga bagay na bagay!

@Wanderer mamangha daw ba? :)