Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A very "Enchated" Day

I planned to go to Enchanted Kingdom with Mink last Sunday, November 4. Actually, it was Turismoboi's idea. Unfortunately, I had to cancel 2 days before our trip because my Bebhe, who went back to his hometown for the holidays will be coming home on that said day. Of course I will be spending that day with him instead. So Saturday came, the evening before the trip, I already confirmed to Mink that I will not be able to joinn when he informed me that for some reason, Turismoboi will not be able to join them. So it will be just him, Gripen, and Davenport. I just wished them good luck and decided to rest for the evening when I received a message from my Bebhe that he will be coming home that very night! I was ecstatic! I will be seeing my Bebhe after 4 days of being apart from each other! Oh how I miss him! I immediately started cleaning because the place was a mess! Yes I'm a slob. But before I was able to completely clean the apartment, my Bebhe arrived.

[insert kilig moments here]

After making sure that my Bebhe's well rested, I started to regale him of my unexciting holidays spent in the apartment playing "mosquitos" in my phone. And when the topic about EK was brought up, My Bebhe bolted upright and said that he wanted to go to EK. I then informed him that there is a possibility that we will be seeing my blogosphere pals there. And to my suprise, he said "It's OK". Whoaa!!! I didn't know what to do or to check his temperature. Because this is my Bebhe not caring about seeing my friends! Usually, he will be his anti-social self but today... I immediately grab the opportunity and made the plans to be in EK as early as possible!


We woke up just before 10am and after eating breakfast, I hastily prepared everything so that we can leave for EK. Everything was just great! And we even get to see the remains of Glorietta 2 when we went to makati for our ride!


When we arrived at EK, I sent Mink a message saying that we already there. Mink was there already with Davenport as early as 10am. Hahaha addicts!!! Anyway, we met each other, and for the first time, I was able to do one of the things that I wanted to do for the longest time. Introduce my Bebhe to my friends. Introductions were made and we started to stroll around the part. Nothing much was said but as the day progressed, I saw and felt that my friends made sure that my Bebhe felt welcome and my Bebhe, the ever charmer, made sure that he was not a killjoy all through out the day. What more can a guy ask for?

Altough we ended the day earlier than expected (Davenport got dizzy with the rides and everyone except for Bebhe and Mink got wet because of the jungle log jam and the rio grande rapids)We went home around 8pm. Of course this was after our little chit chat about sex, relationships, and more sex.

All in all, the day went great! Soak, cold, sleepy, tired,, but definitely happy. As the old folks say, "This one is for the books!"

"Magic is the bond between friends. Unseen yet Poweful." - Anon


THE GRIPEN said...

Hala sex pala pinagusapan ng mga bakla sa bus ng umuwi na sila! hahahaha!

It was a great fun with you guys!
Sa uulitin....

TL said...

Hahaha halos hindi na nakapagusap sa bus kasi super pagod na. Ung sex topic na yun sa EK natin pinagusapan un at kasali ka! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

kung nasa manila lang ako nag join sana kmi ng aswa ko, anyways im happy that all of you enjoy :)
== kaikai

Anonymous said...

oh my friendship eto na naman ako at melodramatic as usual. i truly enjoyed the EK event, and i am very honored that i finally met your Bebhe, i wish you all the best

Dave, thanks for the company, i wont forget our chat on the bus

Gripen, i adore you, nakapagpalit ka kasi ng damit inside the rialto wihtout us knowing... hehe

ill miss you all guys.


Anonymous said...

wow, nakakainggit naman, miss ko na mag-enchated!!!! Im sure you guys had tons of fun.......kainggit

_davenport_ said...

Kupal!!! Musta.. hayan nandito ako sa blog mo.. the time is 12:44PM ng Sabado..

OO overtime ako.. at natatakot na ako dito sa office.. mag-isa lang ako eh..

Have a great weekend to you and your bhebhe..

TL said...

Reigh salamat. Actually hindi ako nagenjoy kasi kupal si Davenport!

Davenport buti naman at napadaan ka. Bakit ka matatakot eh may kasama ka naman dyan sa likod mo na 2 babae.

mrs.j said...

hmmm :(