Friday, November 16, 2007

Wandering Thoughts Again...

Another lazy day at the office so I found myself in reverie yet again.

Next Step

We've been together for the past 13 months with the last 11 months of it leaving together. I can't say that we have gone through everything just yet but I can definitely say that we got to know each other more. We have grown together. And with that, our love for each other. Now, staring at my monitor, I wonder, what will be the next step to our relationship. What will be the next hurdle that will come our way that will help us grow more. I wonder, what's next?

Moving On

I met a guy just a couple of days ago who endlessly talked about his ex. Yup! His ex! They've been together for not more than 5 months but he is so sure that his ex is the love of his life! It made me remember the days when I haven't gotten over my ex. When I used to wake up everyday reminiscing every happy moments we had together. Reminding myself day after day, that I love him. That there is no one else for me. Then, I met my Bebhe. Boy was I wrong! My ex was not the love of my life! It's my Bebhe! I was so sucked up into the "relationship" concept that I filled the vacuum in my heart with our happy memories. But that's just that. Memories. No more, no less. But thanks to my Bebhe who woke me up from the illusion I was having and showed me true happiness. I love you Bhe!

Taking Risk

What I like about being young is the fact that they can recover if they failed on the endevours they take. Why not? They have Time on their side. This is the same reasoning that I heard from a lot of people when it comes to getting in a relationship. They are afraid to take anymore risks because they think that they might not be able to recover anymore from hurt. But I believe that the moment you stop taking risks is the moment that you die. Without risks, you will just fall in a monotonous kind of life. Dull and boring. Remember, if I never took the risk of being hurt and rejected, I would have not found the missing piece of my heart!

A quote from my favorite movie character when he was confronted by his troop about not being able to beat the enemy's army.

"No, we can not. But we will meet them in battle none the less."

King Theoden
Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King


Mugen said...

Basta wag kang gagaya sa akin ha. Honesty, I don't have any visions in our relationship. Basta you let the days pass, the future isn't that important naman eh.

TL said...

Siguro nga po tama ka. Ang importante ay masaya kami ngayon. Kung ano man ang mangyayari ay mangyayari.

Anonymous said...

isa na namang npakgandang entry kaptid, and yes I agree dapat pag na hurt wag matakot na magtake uli ng risk...

Anonymous said...

oh my wordless ako, wala ako ma comment haha

basta i wish you all the happiness you truly deserve.


_davenport_ said...

"Another lazy day at the office so I found myself in reverie yet again."

Gosh..your just P-L-A-I-Nnnn lazzzzy and don't blame "day" for it. Alright?!
(Sabay taas ng kilay)


Peace V


Seriously nice piece. Cheers. regards to you and bhe..