Saturday, December 29, 2007


Yesterday marked our fourteenth months of being together. But instead of eating out in some place fancy or cooking something special, I spent the day alone in our apartment eating wheat bread and left over ham. MB is with his family in Bohol for the holidays. We’ve already talked about this before but I can’t help the fact that I miss him so much that I couldn’t sleep. And as the night drew to a close, I received a much unexpected message.

“pauwi na ko…”

I was in the office when it happened. I immediately dashed out and hailed the first cab in sight. When I reached our place, the love room, there he was, standing by the door, looking as handsome as ever. I couldn’t wait for the doors to be opened. I grab him and kissed him passionately. And once we got inside, even before we reach our bedroom, we couldn’t stop kissing and holding each other tightly. As if the words “I miss you” and “I love you” are not enough to profess our feelings for each other. Well you know what happened afterwards.

And as we lay together, our skins still touching, telling tales of the days that passed by when we were apart, my mind drifted to the coming year. For I know there will be challenges that we will face. We will have our share of arguments, even fights that we will need to mend. But then, here we are. After fourteen months. Still together. Still getting stronger. So I hold his hand and said to myself that no matter what, I will not let him go. No matter what.

And now as the year comes to an end, I look up to the stars to see what they have to say about my future. Here it goes…

Love and Relationships

The year 2008 will mostly be good for you from the point of view of love and relationships. This year will bring lots and lots of adventure for you. You may meet someone who will take you out of your comfort zone. The experience will be new yet enriching. However, during the earlier part of the year, you need to be careful around some of your friends. One of them may cause trouble for you.

I don’t believe in horoscopes or in fortune telling. But that should not hinder me from hearing what they have to say. “Keep an open mind” I always say. But of course, I always trust my heart. A great general once said “My greatest advantage is that I know my enemy.” I guess I’m thinking on the same line as he did. But nevertheless, I will follow my heart. And my heart tells me that no matter what, I will not let this relationship falter. I love MB so much it hurts.


Mink: The Arabian Paladin said...

nakakaintriga ang horrorscope mo ah, este horoscope. Still prayers and faith are powerful than that!

Mugen said...

Your blog always remind me that despite my busy and socially hectic schedule, I am still taken.

Thanks for always reminding me that somebody out there misses and thinks of me, despite the days and nights my attention is focused towards all the people around me.

See you soon kapatid.

TL said...

@Friendship kakatacute ba? Buti pala hindi ung isa ang nilagay ko. Kahit ako na disturb dun eh hehehe

@Kapatid you flater me so much kapatid.

mak mak said...

When I need some cheering up, I always drop by the love room. Your posts never fail to do that.


Happy new year guys.