Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodbye 2007

I already know how to blog using multiply before but only last February did I learned about blogspot. And everything is history. But just like every year ender post, here's some things I look back at this year.

Mid January of this year, I canceled my multiply due to some personal issues I need to dealt with. A couple of weeks after that, I was surfing the net when I accidentally landed into one of the blogs of my now close friend TheTripper. And like most people, I became an instant fan. But like a hungry bear, my appetite is not easily satisfied so I checked the links that he has to see if they offer the same kind of "food". That's when I encountered the of Macoy. He write so fearless and so eloquently that I became so inspired that I decided to create my own blog. To become like Macoy.

My blog, my original one, went through several revisions and was left alone by fellow bloggers except for TheTripper and Mugen. Everything change late March when suddenly a thought dawned to me. A new theme and a new topic for my blog. With the help of TheTripper, and the inspirations I got from both Macoy and Joms, I created a new blog. Hence, "The Dark Room, the adventures of the dark knight" was born. Pitiful as my writing skills are, there were some unfortunate bloggers who manage to drop by from time to time. And with the guidance of Joms and TheTripper, my writing improved a bit and my blog began to take it's shape.

I think it was right around the second or third week of June that I introduced to the blogging community the love of my life, MB, which is of course short for My Bebhe. The response I got was so mixed that I almost thought of quitting the blogging world if not for the steady support of my sisters Kaizen and Turismoboi. I would have never made it this long if not for them.

July made its mark when the Dark Room went off the air.

But as Joms said "Once a blogger, always a blogger" so here I am with a new blog but still struggling. But I know I have accomplished something. I guess.

So to all those people who have been instrumental in keeping me in this blogosphere, thank you, thank you, thank you.

And to MB, thank you for understanding me. I love you.

"Don't lose hope. The Sun will shine soon."


Mink: The Arabian Paladin said...

you have accomplished not only something but somebody who will be there for you not only in time of prosperity but also in time of fear, pain and uncertainty...

your KAPATIDS, Sisterhoods, Friendships, Shotis and Masters...

wanderingcommuter said...

happy new year. a very refreshing blog. it actually made me to post more entries. hehehe.

Mugen said...

I never expected that I had a huge impact on your blog. Gaya mo bro, we're just writers of our own life. Cheers for a new year ahead!

TL said...

Salamat po sa mag comments! Wala ako masabi kung hindi thank you thank you thank you :)

Anonymous said...

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