Thursday, January 10, 2008

Say What?

While I was daydreaming earlier, I suddenly remembered an episode of QAF that I saw way back then. I vaguely remember the exact story but what stuck to me the most is this line

“I’m need a partner, not a boyfriend”

And as usual, I started wondering what the difference between the two is. I asked a few people and here’s what they have to say:

Virgin Boy says “The word “Partner” applies only to same sex relationship while “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” is more specific to gender.”

Liberated Girl says “Partnership has less commitments compared to having a boyfriend.”

Lesbian Friend says “I don’t know”

I don’t claim that I know better than any of these people. Everyone knows that my opinion counts less than theirs. But a friend always said, we must trust our own opinions. And my opinion on this matter is this: A Partner is more intimate than a boy/girlfriend. You may have a boyfriend or girlfriend now but everything can change your mind tomorrow and get a different one. But if you have a partner, that can be for life. You are committing yourself to something, to someone, to yourself. And that, my friends is much better than anything a relationship with your boy/girlfriend can offer.

Now comes the hard part. How do you recognize if what you have right now is a potential partner or not? That, I will leave up to you. I had made mistakes about this quite enough and would not want to drag anyone down. But if you ask me now, I can say to you proudly, MB is my partner, not my boyfriend.

"Realization is the key to satisfaction"


theTripper said...

hahaha. this one i can relate to and even agree with you. HB is my partner too.

and yes, u only believe in yourself and ur MB. hopefully though u'll give others the benefit of the doubt. ;)

Mugen said...

a partner is irreplaceable. :) you can change boyfriends/girlfriends anytime you want.

besides a partner denotes that you and the other person think and act as one. :)

THE GRIPEN said...

I second what Mugen said, partnership is you both as a couple try to accommodate each other as much a possible for a one common goal. I mean like business "partners" all you care about is your company. You're willing to sacrifice yourselves for the sake of the relationship.....

besides...tagline lang yan,it's whatever inside the both of you who can tell what's the role of each other into your lives...

blackdarkheart said...

siguro initially boyfriend ang tawag mo sa jowa mo. habang tumatagal nagiging reflection sya ng personalilty ko kaya mas malalim na--fartner. basta parang ganun, mirror image mo. may sense ba ako?!

*napagisi isip na walang sense*


Anonymous said...

its like getting married........choosing a partner means accapting all that he is.

once you live with someone, ang dami mo pang matutuklasan about him/her na hindi mo inakala about sa kanya.