Thursday, February 14, 2008

When A Gay Man Loves...

I heard about this docu-film from one of the groups I belonged to online. So I got curious and downloaded it. At first I thought that it’s a porn flick because the place where I got it was a place known for it. But after watching it, it was actually about the experiences of our effem friends about falling in-love. And I have to admit, while half watching half listening, I can’t help but feel giggles especially during the part when an actor called his ex and asked for just one more time. Not chance but time. And as he cries while begging for his last hurrah, I was reminded by the people I hurt, the people I gave false hope, and the people whom I deceived.

The documentary also features interviews from people of different religion. And as you know, the Catholics have their stand as well as the Baptists. But what struck me most is what was said by one wizened lady in the form of Fe Alguso of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. She said that she can accept the homosexuals as a person but she can’t accept a homosexual relationship. I guess what she said is the best thing that came out of religion. Not that I care if they, i.e. religious people, or anyone for that matter, accepts the kind of relationship I decided to enter. But for those people who are waiting for religion to accept who and what they are so that they can “come out”, this is, for me, is the best thing that they could hope for.

For most part, this documentary tackles the topic of homosexuality being a sin as seen by religious people. And of course, the point of view of our effem friends is that it is not. For me the jury is still out when it comes to this matter. And since I’m not religious, it will not matter if it’s a sin or not.

I have been doing this since November of 2005. And even though I can’t say that I have tried everything about this life, I certainly can tell that I have been into relationships that can last me a lifetime. But for all the people whom I was lucky enough to come across with, I’ve only fell in-love twice. Although I can’t say that I was in a serious relationship with one of them, it was still a fun feeling being in-love. And as John Lapus said in this documentary, how can something, that was born of love, and brings happiness to your miserable life can be a sin? For me, I can certainly say that being with MB is one of the best things that ever happened to my life. And if it is a sin, then this is the sin that I will burn in hell for without any regrets.

Happy Valentines Day My Love.

“Sin or not, love like you never love before” - Anon


davenport said...

happy balentyns bro..err kupal..

happy valentine's kay bhe..

-- --

these words you dedicated need not to be proven time and again... r.w. emerson said.. "what is true in your own private heart is true for all men.."


Mugen said...

For me, I can certainly say that being with MB is one of the best things that ever happened to my life. And if it is a sin, then this is the sin that I will burn in hell for without any regrets.


Maluha luha ako noong binasa ko to. I'm so proud of you kapatid!

wanderingcommuter said...

i've already seen this film docu as well by renting it on a nearby video shop.
honestly speaking, i didn't like it because they didn't really tackle something new about homosexuality. almost everything that they've tackled were already common knowledge for almost all people about male homosexuality.
indeed, despite such are already common knowledge but there are still lot of people who still opt not to accept it. but the film also failed in giving any resolution at the end of the film. it just made the situation of male homosexuals in the philippines more pitiful, in my opinion. kasi mas sinesensationalized lang niya na nakakaawang magmahal ang bakla.

nonetheless, it was a good attempt.

happy valentines!

TL said...

@ Dave Kupal Hapi Balentayms sayo! Salamat sa comment!

@ Mugen Kapatid speechless ako sa comment mo.

@ Wanderer I agree with you assessment. But my post is not about the film but how I feel towards my relationship with MB :)

wanderingcommuter said...

nasabi na kasi yung icocomment ko about your relationship ni mugen. kaya naisip kong ibahin hehehe.

TL said...

@ Wanderer hehehe uu nga naman para may originality hehehe

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